Microcomputer Maintenance Services

unt student at a computer

Welcome to the UIT MMS Shop! 

We moved! Find us now in Sage Hall, Room 233.

General Support Information: The Microcomputer Maintenance Services team supports only UNT-owned computers. MMS will coordinate with vendors to provide in-warranty hardware services or facilitate out-of-warranty hardware repairs (at an additional cost).

Call, click or come by!   940-565-2324   |   Submit a Request   |   Email   |   Sage Hall, Room 233, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Please refer to the detailed contact information for more about shipping, parking and technical staff members.

Manager: Sharukh Mithani   |   Technicians: Bryce Fite, Bobby Kim, Sergio Turrubiartes and Max Quimbly

Other Hardware
Not supported by MMS: Printers, iPods, iPads, iPhones, data projectors, hand-held devices, and out of warranty hardware.

Warranty Service
     • All UNT-computer purchases are required to include the purchase of at least a three-year hardware warranty.
     • While the computer is under warranty, repairs will be facilitated by the MMS Shop at no additional charge.
     • After the warranty expires, MMS will help facilitate repairs with the vendor. Departments will be responsible for all costs associated with out-of-warranty repairs provided by vendors. 
     • Peripherals, such as monitors, keyboards, speakers and mice, are included in the warranty of the computer with which they were originally purchased.
     • Consumable supplies, such as batteries, have limited warranties. For example, most notebook batteries are under warranty only for one year. Departments are responsible for ordering their own batteries after the warranty expires.

Out of Warranty Service
MMS does not support hardware that is out of warranty. However, MMS can assist with facilitating service between vendors/commerical repair services and the UNT department that owns the equipment. Departments will be responsible for all costs associated with out-of-warranty repair service. 

Additional Important Information