Microcomputer Maintenance Services

Notice: UIT MMS is no longer providing warranty service. Departments are encouraged to use vendor support options. Please click here for more info on how to use Dell and Apple repair services. 

MMS is not offering drop off or pickup services. If you would like to arrange repair services, please contact vendors directly. Instructions are in this document or listed below. 

Dell Warranty and Repair Options

All current Dell Standard Configurations come with 5 years of ProSupport Plus coverage. ProSupport Plus includes Next Business Day Onsite Service and includes accidental damage coverage with 1 incident covered per year (up to 5 total incidents).  

Warranty Service

There are 2 ways to get warranty service for Dell devices: 

  1. Vendor Contact (schedule on-site/mail-in repair)

  2. Self-Dispatch Portal (Dell TechDirect) 

    • Dell allows UNT to submit repair requests via Dell TechDirect. This allows us to order warranty parts or setup onsite repair services without speaking directly Dell. If your IT department has trained technicians or needs quick replacements for “Customer-replaceable” parts like SSDs or RAM, you can submit these repairs through TechDirect. 

    • To get set up on TechDirect, please contact Sharukh Mithani at UIT 

    • To have the permissions to submit warranty repairs, you need to complete a short (3 hour) self-dispatch training and take an exam. There is no cost for the training or exam, and the entire process can usually be finished in one day.  

Out of Warranty Service

If you would like to purchase parts and perform out of warranty repairs yourself, please contact UNT's Dell Sales Rep to get a quote for the parts. Dell provides repair manuals if you need info on how to replace a specific part. If you would like Dell to perform the repair for you, you can call Dell directly to arrange for out of warranty service.

Apple Warranty and Repair Options

Apple has recently introduced AppleCare+ for schools. Instead of the standard 3 years, AppleCare+ for schools now covers Macs and iPads for up to 4 years with accidental damage coverage (2 incidents per year, service fee applies). For laptops or iOS devices, this includes mail-in service.  For desktops, on-site service is available by calling Apple Education. 

Warranty Service

There are 2 ways to get warranty service for Apple devices:

  1. Vendor Contact (schedule on-site/mail-in repair) 

    • Call Apple Education at 1-800-800-2775 

  2. Self-Dispatch Portal (Apple GSX) 

    • Apple allows UNT to submit repair requests via Apple GSX. This allows us to set up mail-in repairs for Mac notebooks and iOS devices. GSX also allows you to order parts to perform repairs in-house (trained technician required).

    • To get set up on Apple GSX, please contact Sharukh Mithani at UIT 

    • To get permission to submit warranty repairs, departments will need to complete the AppleCare service certifications for the products they wish to repair. This article from Apple provides more info on how to get certified to perform Apple Repairs: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205332  

Out of Warranty Service

Apple will perform out of warranty repairs for all devices that are not considered vintage/obsolete. Vintage/obsolete devices will be repaired by Apple on a case-by-case basis. Payment for these repairs can be arranged with Apple. Alternatively, you can reach out to MacTracks, a local Apple Authorized Service Provider in Denton, to perform repairs. 

Other Warranty Information 

  • MMS recommends that UNT-owned computers include the purchase of at least a three-year hardware warranty
  • Peripherals, such as monitors, keyboards, speakers, and mouse devices, are included in the warranty of the computer with which they were originally purchased.
  • Consumable supplies, such as batteries, have limited warranties. For example, most notebook batteries are under warranty only for one year. Departments are responsible for replacing batteries after the battery warranty expires. 

Additional Important Information 

940-565-2387  | Submit a Request   |   Email  |  Sage Hall, Room 330
Please refer to the detailed contact information for more about shipping, parking, and technical staff members.