EagleConnect iPhone Configuration

iPhone Configuration Instructions

These instructions should work for the iPhone as well as other Apple devices with exchange support such as the iPad.

  1. On your iPhone select Settings, then choose Mail (on older versions of iOS, choose Accounts & Passwords)
  2. Choose Accounts, then Add Account.
  3. On the Add Account screen, select Microsoft Exchange or Exchange.
  4. Enter your account information:
    Email: Your EagleConnect email address (firstlast@my.unt.edu)
    Password: Your EagleConnect password
  5. Microsoft Exchange will attempt to detect and automatically fill in the rest of your settings. If this fails you will be asked to fill in additional information:
    Email: Your EagleConnect email address: firstlast@my.unt.edu.
    Server: outlook.office365.com.
    Domain: Leave blank.
    Username: Your EagleConnect email address: firstlast@my.unt.edu.
    Password: Your EagleConnect email password should not require changes.
  6. Click Done, then you will be prompted to select the parts of your account to synchronize (Mail, Contacts, and/or Calendar), then select Sync to finish.


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