UNT History: Computing in the 1960s

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1962 – Computing at UNT (known at the time as NTSU) officially begins!  IBM 1620 purchased to support academic users.

ibm 1620

IBM 1620

First Director of Academic Computing – Gene Milner – hired

Milner’s office and the 1620 located on the first floor of the Business Administration Bldg (now Sage Hall)

Richard Harris 1963

Richard Harris in early days

Milner hires three programmers/operators: Richard Harris, Charlie Ellis, and Jerry Walden

Harris Hoggard Walden

Coy Hoggard, Richard Harris, and Jerry Walden circa 2004

1963 – Gene Milner leaves to work for IBM.  Richard Harris is appointed Acting Director of Academic Computing

1964 – IBM 1440 is purchased to perform administrative data processing. 


IBM 1440

Richard Harris is appointed Director of Computer Systems

Jerry Walden becomes head of Academic Computing Services

Coy Hoggard is hired to be Associate Director of Data Processing

Richard Harris and Coy Hoggard and the IBM 1440 move to the basement of the Administration Building (now Hurley Administration)

1969 – Computing leadership is Richard Harris, Director of Computer Systems, with Jerry Walden as Associate Director of Academic Computing and Coy Hoggard as Associate Director of Data Processing:  the model of a “CIO” with separate Academic Computing and Administrative Computing divisions is solidified.

 The total operating budget for NTSU Computing is $163,738

UNT parade 1962

Parade at NTSU - 1962

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