UIT Strategic Planning

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This site provides information regarding University Information Technology's ongoing strategic planning processes. As information becomes available for public review, it will be posted on this site.

University Information Technology is seeking information to support the creation of a strategic plan for IT. The UNT UIT strategic plan will provide direction for information technology infrastructure, resources, service delivery, and funding allocation from the 2014-2015 through the 2017-2018 fiscal years. This strategic plan will concentrate on the information technology services provided locally at the UNT Denton campus by UIT and the distributed computing organizations at UNT. Consistent with UNT’s information technology governance model, this strategic plan will provide direction in relation to UNT’s “common good” information technology services. Generally, “common good” services provide benefits to a significant number of users across multiple organizational entities.

Information technology infrastructure has become intrinsic and sometimes taken for granted in higher education. Universities, like other businesses, depend upon information technology for day-to-day operations and communication, but universities, unlike many businesses, have as a core activity the creation and transmission of knowledge and information. These activities are increasingly dependent upon online technologies that have rapidly replaced paper-based methods of documentation and communication.

Universities, including UNT, have been early adopters and in some cases creators of new information technologies. The introduction of computers, personal computers, the Internet and network-base communication have historically had significant institutional support, both in capital investment as well as operational infrastructure. However, with the maturation of the internet, we are experiencing the creation of an information ecosystem that spans well beyond the scope of institutional IT while supporting increasing levels of individual access to information.

In this changing IT environment, technology services no longer are delivered solely by the institution. The myriad of options for information access and management make it particularly important that IT decisions are made strategically, taking into account the overall requirements of the institution, rather than as tactical solutions with limited impact.