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Orange, green computer wires on the back of the CPUs in the high-performance computing suite.

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University Information Technology is tasked to provide effective computing and information technology services to all members of the university community in order to facilitate the accomplishment of the mission and goals of the university. Our mission is accomplished in open cooperation and partnership with its customers and other service providers.

University Information Technology contributes to accomplishing the university's mission by providing resources that include academic and research computing systems administration and operation, data management services, innovative classroom desktop and assessment services, professional consultation, information technology governance, and user support. University Information Technology is called upon to deliver and coordinate computing and electronic information resources in support of university-wide initiatives as well as to meet specific operational needs of supported departments.


University Information Technology will enable the efficient and effective use of information technology in a manner that is responsive to individual and institutional needs. The members of the department will foster an IT environment that is supportive of ongoing as well as anticipated IT requirements that are implemented to achieve high levels of student success, excellence in research and creative endeavors and efficiency in institutional operations.