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***COVID-19 Virus Update***

With the quickly approaching Fall semester, and the return to classes we are excited to see students and faculty back in the Testing Center and remotely. In the interest of better serving you and your students in these rapidly changing times, we have added new safety precautions within the Testing Center as well as creating a variety of remote proctoring opportunities for those who have had to move their classes online.

For our in-person clients we want to assure you that we've taken significant steps to make the Testing Center more spacious in order to more easily conform to social distancing policies. We’ve spaced out seating and begun deep cleaning stations in between use in order to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. 

Testing Center Lobby

We've added new remote options utilizing oom to give you the opportunity to safely test your students with academic integrity and safety in mind. For more information on our available testing formats please visit our Available Technology Page. If you still have questions on a specific remote testing option, or the measures in place in our in-person Testing Center please give Samuel Wiggins a call at 940-369-6298 or email

General information and help: NOTE: the Sage Hall Testing Center Lobby has been changed from Room C330 to Room 331. The following websites have been specifically set up for students who would be taking courses online and faculty who would be teaching them – Students: and Faculty: – please refer to those websites for assistance for all online teaching and learning.  As many courses will be moving to CANVAS and Zoom for delivery, instructions and training on how to use those resources are available at these sites.

Additionally, all UNT community members are encouraged to take advantage of several training modules available via our LinkedIn Learning tools. To access LinkedIn Learning, please go to, access your account, and search for Zoom and CANVAS training.


Our Mission and Purpose

The Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center is available for courses that require computerized testing in support of distance, blended or face-to-face classes. Assessment and testing are cornerstones of academic success. The University of North Texas is developing several new strategies to support faculty in the assessment of student learning. The center provides the opportunity for secure, high stakes computer-based testing of larger groups of students. While computer-based testing in labs previously has been available at UNT, the Sage Hall center provides UNT’s larger courses with robust opportunities for assessment.  

The Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center is an active support partnership of Instructional Information Technology Services, the Center for Learning Experimentation, Application and Research, and the Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Location Information

The Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center is located in Sage Hall, Room 331, third floor, across the hall from the elevator. The center has four rooms of the following sizes.

Room 332, 39, 19 stations Room 333, 24,  12 stations
Room 334, 36, 13 stations Room 335, 36 , 13 stations
Note: 135, 68 stations are available. Room assignments are determined by the reservation manager.

Important Note: Only professors or their representative staff members may make reservations.

Reservations and FAQs

  • Faculty Presence Required: Faculty members must be present in the testing center during the test.
  • Time Requirement: Should your test require a custom configuration of the testing center computers, please make an appointment with our technical manager at least one week before the testing event to verify that the setup is correct.
  • Setup Responsibility: It is the instructor's responsibility to verify that the computer setup is as they require for their testing event.
  • Center Availability: To view the testing center's calendar for available reservation times, please check the calendar.  If the time slot you want to request is unavailable due to a prior reservation, please proceed with your request so that it can be reviewed based on the priority described in the General Guidelines.
  • Technology in Use: Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center Available Technology
  • Security: Testing Center Security Information
  • Hours of Operation and Guidelines: Hours and General Guidelines

Request a Reservation

  • To request a reservation in the Sage Hall Testing Center, please click here and log in with your EUID and password.

Test Monitoring by Trained Personnel

Testing proctors, UNT graduate students who have undergone background checks and received extensive training and supervision, are available upon request to assist in protecting academic probity during exams. Proctors will verify students’ identity by checking photo IDs and help ensure that instructors’ security guidelines during exams are followed, e.g., no notes, textbooks, outside assistance, etc. The proctors do not fulfill the exam duties of the course instructor; they serve as an assistant for protecting academic integrity and security compliance during exams.

Contacts and Inquiries

Testing center use and general inquiries: contact Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, 940-565-4808, GAB, Room 205.

Reservation times/requests and room availability: contact Samuel Wiggins, 940-369-6298, Sage Hall, Room 332A.

Technical inquiries: contact the Testing Center Help or 940-369-6051, GAB, Room 204.

Feedback: Have you used our testing center facility?  Do you have a service suggestion to offer?  Help us grow by completing this survey.  

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- For additional testing opportunities, such as the GRE and another paper-based testing, please see the offerings from UNT Counseling and Testing Services at Chestnut Hall.

- If you are a non-UNT student who needs to take an exam for your college, university or training program, that service is provided by the UNT Counseling and Testing Services department.