Tech Tour #4: Online, Blended Learning

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Here you will learn about the university's electronic campus and learning platform: tour stop 4

Online courses are regular university courses in which a majority of the classroom instruction is replaced with instruction in a web-based learning environment. In an online course, students login to a virtual classroom called Canvas, to complete lessons and other activities your instructor has developed. Communications with your instructor and classmates take place using a combination of email, text-based discussion forums, and live text or voice-based chats. Assessments and assignments generally are completed and submitted in the virtual classroom.  

Blended Learning:  Not all online courses take place 100 percent in the online environment. Some courses blend online instruction and activities with on-campus class meetings.  

Online Enrollment:  Most online courses follow the academic calendar, beginning and ending with the semester. The accelerated online master’s courses allow you to progress at your own pace with flexible eight-week courses and five available start dates annually.

Who Can Take Online Courses?  Any UNT student can take an online course. The university offers approximately 1,000 online course sections during each long semester.

Online Degree Programs: Many of the online degree programs are offered completely online including two undergraduate completion programs and two accelerated master’s degree programs.

LinkedIn Learning: Through UNT's subscription, students, faculty and staff have more than 6,000 online training courses available through LinkedIn Learning. Read more.

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For information about UNT's new learning management system, please read more from the Center for Learning Experimentation, Application and Research, CLEAR.

How to Register and Prepare for an Online Course

  • Search for courses by keyword or browse by semester: access Canvas and search for course information, prerequisites, instructor, number of class meetings – if any, course objectives, textbooks, and any technical requirements beyond those you would normally need for any online course.
  • Register for online courses: login to MyUNT and click on "Student Center/Registration" link. The Student Center portion of the page has links to add a class, drop a class, search for classes, pay tuition and more.
  • Online Class Schedule: Access the academic/registration calendar, class schedule information by semester, schedule of classes by department, and final exam schedules.  You will find online courses on the course schedule with the designation INET. Be sure to watch for any required class meeting dates and locations and note them on your calendar!
  • The Schedule of Classes for the Accelerated Online ProgramAccelerated Online Program classes are restricted to students admitted to the accelerated online program. Accelerated schedule of classes can be viewed by selecting the 'Accelerated' option on the Degree Type field.

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