DSA Index of Articles in Research Matters

The following list is an index of articles appearing in Research Matters a standing column in Benchmarks Online, UIT's news journal, and in the Benchmarks Archives, and saved in the portable document format, PDF. 

NOTE: Information in Benchmarks Online, a periodic news journal, is likely to change or degrade over time; this applies to links to various external websites. For current information on a specific topic, search the UNT website, UNT's Help DeskBenchmarks Online Archives or the world wide web. You also may email your questions and comments to the UNT University Information Technology Department or DSAOffice.

NOTE: Release-specific announcements for software are not included, however, if some analysis is discussed that specifically regards a package, it may be referenced in that manner. 

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Bayesian Book Recommendations, PDF
Bayes Analysis Introduction a Simple Explicit Calculation and Comparison, PDF 
Bayes Factors for t Tests and One Way ANOVA in R, PDF 
Bayesian Generalized Linear Models in R, PDF 
Bayesian Model Averaging in R, PDF 
Big Data in R, PDF
Binary Item Factor Analysis in R, PDF
Bootstrapping the Generalized Linear Model, PDF

Canonical Correlation (SPSS)
Classroom Instruction, PDF, Open Source Software in Classroom, PDF
Cluster Analysis Basics, PDF
Coding Categorical Variables for Regression Analysis, PDF
Completing a Dissertation, PDF 
Composite Indicators with Factor Analysis, PDF 
Composite Indicators with Principle Components Analysis, PDF 
Cross Validation 1, PDF 
Cross Validation 2, PDF 

Data Analysis, General, PDF

Equivalence Testing, PDF
Excel, Microsoft®
     Export Tables, Graphs, and Raw Rata from R to Excel, PDF
     Import Many Excel Files to R, PDF
     Using S-plus Graphics in Excel, PDF

Factor Analysis
    Binary Item Factor Analysis in R, PDF
    Composite Indicators with Factor Analysis, PDF
    Composite Indicators with Principle Components Analysis, PDF
    Hierarchical (Higher Order) Factor Analysis, PDF
    Principal Components Analysis vs. Factor Analysis and Alternatives, PDF
    Using Very Simple Structure, VSS, to Determine the Appropriate Number of Factors to Extract, PDF
False Discovery Rate, PDF

General Guide to Conducting a Dissertation or Thesis, PDF
Graphics displays in R
     Basic Graphs, PDF
     Importance of Graphs, PDF

Hierarchical (Higher Order) Factor Analysis, PDF
Homogeneity of Variance, PDF
Publishing HTLM Documents to the Zope Server, PDF

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research Direct Download, ICPSR, PDF
Introduction to RStudio

J   K

LaTeX2HTML, Installation Tutorial, PDF
Linear Mixed Effects in R, PDF

Mapping in Stata, Part 1, PDF, Part 2, PDF
Matching Across Two Groups to Reduce Multicollinearity in R, PDF
Measurement Invariance in R, PDF
Mediators and Moderator Variable in Multiple Regression, PDF
Missing Data:
     NEW Recommended Method for Multiple Missing Value Imputation, PDF 
     Recommended method for Multiple Missing Value Imputation, PDF
     Robust Methods for Missing Value Imputation in R, PDF
Model Specification Error/Model Mis-specification, PDF
Moderators, PDF
Multilevel Models, PDF
Multinomial Logistic Regression, PDF

Null Hypothesis Significance Testing, PDF

Outliers – Multivariate Outlier Detection, PDF
Outliers, In Correlation, PDF

Parallel Processing: Simple Introduction, PDF
Partial Least Squares modeling in R, PDF
Power, Statistical
     Resources, PDF
     Robust Calculation of, PDF

Qsurvey, Creating Web Surveys with, PDF, and More on Qsurvey, PDF

Regression, Modern Approach to, Uses R, PDF
Reliability, PDF
Reproducible Research, PDF
     Power Estimation, PDF
     R, the Free Software Environment for Statistical Computing and Graphics, PDF 
     S-plus, PDF
     SPSS, Sampling with Replacement in, PDF
R Statistical Software Package:  Why R?, PDF
     Bayesian Packages, PDF
     Using in Conjunction with Microsoft® Excel, PDF
     Getting Started, Part 1, PDF, Getting Started, Part 2, PDF
     Graphical User Interface - R-Commander, Rcgi, PDF
     Graphics in R, Interactive, Part 1, PDF, Part 2, PDF
     Help with R Software that is Often Overlooked, PDF
     Installation of R for Windows, Easy, PDF
     RStudio, Introduction to, and RStudio Server, PDF
     Multiple comparisons, PDF, and more, PDF
     Multivariate analysis in R, PDF
     Power, PDF
     Resampling, Dealing with Outliers in Bicvariate Data, PDF
     Robust, Calculating Mean and Effect Size, PDF
     Simple Data Simulations—in R, of course
     Smoothed Bootstrap with Small Data Sets, Using, PDF
     Summarizing Data by Grouping Variables, PDF
     Tinn Editor: Convenient Script Editor for R, Win32 Platform, PDF
     Repeated Measures and Corresponding Comparisons, SPSS and R, PDF
Robust Analyses
     Correlation, Dealing with Outliers in Bivariate Data, PDF
     Effect Size, Using Robust Mean and Robust Variance Estimates to Calculate, PDF
     General, Dealing with Missing Data, PDF
     Measures of Location Using GNU S-Plus, Part 1, PDF, Part 2, PDF
     Power, PDF

Sage Mathematics 1, PDF
Sample Size, PDF
Scraping Web Data in R, PDF
Sequential Character String Generation in R, PDF
Simpsons Paradox, PDF
SEM, A more efficient and consistent way of fitting PLS structural models: A better alternative to SEM than traditional PLS
Simple Data Simulations—in R, of course
Simulation in Research, PDF
Sparklines, PDF, Part 2, PDF
S-Plus Statistical Package
    Hmisc Library, PDF
    Introduction to programming:  PDF-1, PDF-2 
    Resampling, PDF
    Robust, PDF
SPSS Statistical Package
    Cluster Analysis Basics, PDF
    Repeated Measures, PDF
    Report function, PDF
    Resampling, PDF
    Syntax Intro, PDF
Stata Statistical Package
    Results in, PDF-Part 1, PDF-Part 2
    Finishing a Dissertation, PDF
    General, PDF
    Length of Analysis, PDF
    Modern Statistical Methods Recommendations and Observations, PDF
    Resources, PDF
    Statistical Action Plan, PDF
    Why R?, PDF
Statistical Resources, Update, Version 5
Structural Equation Modeling in R, PDF,  SEM lavaan Package Update, PDF
Surveys - Web-based, PDF

Text Mining in R: A Basic Introduction, PDF
Time Series in R: A Basic Introduction, PDF
Top R Packages and Software, PDF


Why R?, PDF