UIT Administration, Planning, Budget and Communications

Planning and budget functions of the University Information Technology Department provide an internal cyclical decision-making process for allocating limited fiscal resources to achieve organizational priorities and objectives each fiscal year. The office assures fiscal integrity, accountability, legal compliance and communications reflecting the goals and objectives of the unit and the university's Four Bold Goals

Mari Jo French, assistant director, budget and operations

Service Areas

  • Administrative processes for University IT, Administrative IT and Classroom Support Services.
  • Planning and budget preparation and reconciliation for the UIT Department, including IT User Services, Instructional IT Services, Research IT, Student Success Technology, Administrative IT Services and Classroom Support Services.
  • Publication of Benchmarks Online, news journal, a departmental publication since 1980; website development and maintenance for the department.
  • Primary builder and custodian of the UIT website including creation, development and maintenance; coordinator/liaison for department page information with content owners, System IT Central Web Support and URCM.

Monica Scott-Taliaferro, marketing coordinator, Benchmarks Online editor, website coordinator, 940-565-4068
  Lien Nguyen, graduate student assistant, Technology Tour presenter, class of 2019, business analyst, College of Business
  Amisha Gadhia, graduate student assistant, Drupal Help Desk, class of 2020, computer science, College of Computer Science and Engineering

Karen Snyder, senior administrative coordinator, 940-565-4576
Cindy Hall, senior administrative specialist, 940-369-8965


About Us

The UIT Planning, Budget and Communication Office helps to provide effective computing and information technology services to all members of the university community in order to facilitate the accomplishment of the university's mission and Four Bold Goals. The office's mission is accomplished in open cooperation and partnership with its colleagues, customers and other service providers.

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