MMS Shop & Help Desk Combine Operations

UIT Microcomputer Maintenance Services moved its operations on Feb. 1, 2017 under User Support Services, led by Sharukh Mithani, manager, User Support Services, continuing as a department under UIT's Information Technology User Services directed by Richard Sanzone. The MMS Shop continues to focus on using warranties and onsite repair options provided by Dell and Apple with the goal of providing equivalent or improved service times. User Support Services will include MMS along with its current management of the UIT Help Desk and Sage Hall Adaptive Computer Lab.

Services Provided

MMS will provide the following services.

  • Basic hardware diagnostics
  • Coordinate repair/replacement options with vendor
  • Pick-up and drop-off hardware
  • Provide regular updates by using ServiceNow
  • Perform hard-drive degaussing

MMS will provide the following services through Apple or Dell.

  • In-house hardware repair, part replacement
  • Advanced hardware diagnostics, troubleshooting
  • Out-of-warranty hardware repair, part replacement

Service Requests

MMS will accept requests through ServiceNow. Service Requests can originate from the user directly or from user’s IT support group.

Submitting a Service Request

If you would like to submit a request over the phone, the UIT Help Desk can submit the request on your behalf by calling 940-565-2324. Check the website for hours of operation.

The following information must be provided for hardware support requests made through the online ServiceNow request form or by phone through the Help Desk:

  • UNT Tag Number
  • Make/Model of Computer (Ex: Apple iMac 27” Mid 2011, Dell OptiPlex 5040, etc.)
  • Dell Service Tag or Apple Serial Number
  • Detailed explanation of issue occurring
  • Troubleshooting already completed, if any
  • Pick Up/Drop Off Required?
  • Pickup/Drop Off location

MMS will take possession of the hardware within four business hours of receiving a completed service request.

Part Replacement

MMS will request the replacement part from the vendor, if it is determined that an individual part needs to be replaced and the vendor determines the part to be a “Mandatory Customer Self-Replacement” part. For more information, click here.

The new part, along with the machine, will be returned to the IT Support Group that manages the computer for installation of the replacement part. Generally, self-replacement parts are not difficult to install, such as memory, hard drives, graphics cards, cables, etc.

Apple provides only self-replacement for cables, keyboards, or mice. Any other items must be mailed in or repaired on site.

Mail-In Repair

If a mail-in repair is required, generally for Apple products and Dell portables, MMS will take care of the shipping process and provide the tracking number to the requester via ServiceNow. Additional updates will be provided via ServiceNow as more details are received from the vendor throughout the process.

On-Site Repair

For most Dell products, Dell provides next business day on-site repair. If it is determined that on-site repair is required, MMS will schedule the repair and provide status updates via ServiceNow. The new MMS location is in Sage Hall and can serve as a repair workshop for the vendor to perform the repair.

Apple does provide on-site repair for some products and repair times depend on technician availability. Generally, Apple on-site repair scheduling takes three to five business days.

For more information, please contact Sharukh Mithani, manager, User Support Services, 940-369-8487.