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Instructor Training 

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Ensuring Academic Integrity

With the quickly approaching fall semester, and the return to classes we are excited to see students and faculty back on campus and remotely. In the interest of ensuring academic integrity, we have begun integrating new tools for exam security intended to not only keep things secure but also create an easy to navigate infrastructure for both students and faculty.

UIT Proctoring via Zoom

Procedure — Professor or Professor's Representative

1. Log into Zoom 10-15 minutes before the test begins.

2. Confirm the test preferences with the Proctor Lead.

3. Remain in the lobby with the Proctor Lead who is assisting students with last-minute questions, if being answered.

4. Must be available for the duration of test time to facilitate any academic dishonesty concerns or questions. Professors may either remain in the lobby or navigate through the various rooms in order to view students accessing the exam. 

5. If using end-of-exam sign-outs, please be in the lobby to assist with ID checks after the first student finishes the exam.

Procedure — Student

1. Launch Chrome or Firefox on your computer and log into Canvas. 

2. Log into zoom five minutes prior to test time via your smartphone. Be sure your environment is clearly visible; use the UNT Single Sign-On account, e.g. Abc1234).

3. Use the “Raise hand” feature if you have any questions, please note professors may not be taking questions on test day. 

4. Navigate to your exam in preparation for the password to become available. 

5. Enter the password and begin the exam. 

6. If the professor is using end-of-exam sign-outs, students should raise a hand prior to submitting their exam. 


Q: What equipment do students need? 

A: Students need a Respondus Lockdown Browser compatible Computer as well as a smartphone with zoom installed. 

Q: What if professors/students do not want to test using this method? 

A: While requiring Respondus is a global setting, the option of where they test still is currently available. Contact Sam Wiggins, IT Service Desk Manager,, to schedule individual student reservations or to reserve an entire room,, in the UNT Testing Center. For more Test formats, both online and in person, please visit our Available Technology page

Real-person Help

We can assist you in person by appointment! 

Contact: the UIT Service Desk Manager, Sam Wiggins,

Appointment: or

Location: General Academic Building, Room 206