High-Performance Computing Access

Service Description: Access to high-performance computing cluster systems for support of university research through computationally intensive LINUX-capable software.

Service Request: Apply for an account here or click on the green button; log in for a research, academic or collaborator account. Or, you may send an email to SciComp-Support@unt.edu.

Services Included: High-performance computing access, scientific computing consultation and 3D printing.

Services Not Included: Custom programming, research data management.

Service Response Time: One business day response — fulfillment is dependent upon the nature of the request.

Available to: Faculty or currently enrolled, qualified student at UNT with additional requirements to use some resources; student access must be sponsored by a UNT faculty member. Open to post-doctoral students, research fellows, visiting scholars and collaborators sponsored by a UNT faculty-level principal investigator.

Service Group: North Texas Scientific Computing   |   Service Team: High-Performance Computing Services   |   Manager: Ravi Vadapalli

Contact Information: 940-369-6046, SciComp-Support@unt.edu, General Academic Building, Room 535