Digital Testing Services


UIT Digital Testing Services consists of the Scantron-based assessment resources and analysis provided by Exam and Research Data Services and the online testing center-based, mobile, and virtual assessment services provided by the Sage Hall Testing Center and its related resources.

In-Person Class Solutions

Scantron In-Person Exam Processing with Analyses
Sage Hall Computer Based Testing Center

Online Class Solutions

Sage Hall Testing Center
Mobile/Laptop-Based Assessments – subcategories: General, RCOB, CMHT, and soon COE
Certification Testing
The Virtual Testing Center

Proctoring Options

In-person proctoring at the Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center

Zoom/Lockdown Browser Combination Assessments
Zoom/Paper-based Secured Assessments
Specialized Zoom Screen and Environment Secured Assessments

Additional Services

Make-up, Drop-in, and Dual-Enrolled Student Assessments
Assessment and Surveys; Data Processing and Compilation

All Testing Center Services (Virtual and in person) can be found: Here

Meet the Team

JoAnn Luksich
JoAnn Luksich

Administrative Coordinator, IITS
GAB, Room 206
Scantron-based exams and other paper-based surveys and assessment services

Catherine Pike
Catherine Pike
Office Support Associate, IITS
GAB, Room 206
Scantron-based exams and other paper-based surveys and assessment services

Samuel Wiggins
Samuel Wiggins
IT Service Desk Manager, IITS
Sage Hall, Room 332A
All online, mobile, remote and virtual assessment services

Mission and Purpose

Digital Testing Services are available for courses that require computerized testing in support of distance, blended or face-to-face classes. Assessment and testing are cornerstones of academic success. The University of North Texas is developing several new strategies to support faculty in the assessment of student learning. Digital Testing Services provides the opportunity for secure, high-stakes computer-based testing of larger groups of students. While computer-based testing in labs previously has been available at UNT, the Sage Hall center provides UNT’s larger courses with robust opportunities for assessment.  

The Office of Digital Testing Services is an active support partnership of Instructional Information Technology Services, the Center for Learning Experimentation, Application and Research, and the Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.