Drupal User Help Desk

This page is one of the UNT resources provided to help you upgrade to Drupal 7, edit and maintain your department's website when you have no technical web developer on staff. Drupal is built, used and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.

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Drupal 7 Essential Training, beginner level
HTML Essential Training, beginner level
Cascading Style Sheets Fundamentals, CSS, beginner level
JavaScript for Web Designers, beginner level
Introducing PHP, server-side language used to build dynamic websites, beginner level 

Other resources

For help in creating compliant and accessible websites, visit UNT's Web Accessibility Policy 5.1.
30 Web Accessibility Tips, download PDF
Web Accessibility and Universal Design
Institutional Compliance Resource: Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and What It Means for Higher Education, by Martin LaGrow


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