Intro to Drupal Views

Event Date: 
Jun 6, 2018 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

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June 6

Drupal Views

10 a.m.-noon

Chilton Hall, Room 270

Julian Quintero

Introduction to Drupal Views

Class Description: Drupal Views is one of the most broadly used modules in the Drupal community. Nine out of every 10 sites use this module to present content in different ways. Views allows you to create slideshows, staff directories, sidebar navigations, and showcase products, among other things. This course will teach you the basics of creating and configuring a new view. It will also help you become familiar with editing existing views and displaying views in different parts of your site. Other complementary topics required for this course are configuring Blocks and creating new Content Types. This course requires basic knowledge of Drupal 7.

Prerequisite: If you have never used Drupal before, please make sure to take one of the Drupal Basics courses before enrolling. Log in rights to a UNT website required.

How to enroll: Enrollment is required through the HR Talent Management through the new HR Learning Portal. Click on Find Learning and enter Drupal to find your class.