UNT IT Service Provision

Information technology services at UNT are diverse and sometimes delivered in what may seem like a complex environment. Services are provided via several organizational layers. You can use the information below to identify the providers for various IT services at the University of North Texas. You also can see what central information technology services are available by browsing the UIT Service Catalog. To see services provided by UNT System IT Shared Services, visit the IT Shared Services Service Catalog. You can also find your local IT support contact.

Service Category   ITSS UIT Local IT Other Comment
Learning Management   X X   CLEAR ITSS supports data integration.
UNT's CLEAR administers the application and provides faculty support services. 
UIT Help Desk provides student support services.
Administrative Applications Finance X        
Human Resources, Payroll X        
Student Administration X        
Constituent Relationship Management       Division of Enrollment Mgmt/SAAS Salesforce CRM is used for student advising notes, and recruitment marketing and admissions
Portal X        
Degree Management X        
Classroom Scheduling X        
Advancement X     SAAS (Vendor) Contract administered by ITSS.
Service provided by vendor as SAAS.
Business Intelligence   X     DAIR ITSS supports data warehouse, ETL (extract, transform & load), and business intelligence infrastructure. 
UNT DAIR supports warehouse development, implementation, and content delivery.
Communications & Collaboration On-campus network X       ITSS provides support but capital funded by campus
Wide Area Network (WAN) X        
WIFI X       ITSS provides support but capital funded by campus
Network Firewall & VPN X        
SharePoint X        
Telecommunications X        
Emergency Notification X        
Employee EMAIL X X X SAAS ITSS manages the contract, service operation, and integration. 
UNT provides user support.
Instant Messaging X X X   ITSS supports infrastructure.
UNT provides user support.
Video Conferencing X     CLEAR ITSS supports infrastructure.
UNT's CLEAR administers and provides conferencing services.
Imaging   X   X   Imaging client support is provided by Local IT
Departmental Support Dedicated servers   X X    
  Virtual Server Infrastructure X   X    
  Storage Area Networks X        
  Backup Services X        
  Departmental Applications   X X    
  User account provisioning X X X    
  File and Print Services   X X    
  Personal Device support   X X   Support for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers, etc.
  Peripheral Device Support   X X   Support Surveillance, HVAC, digital signage, and security systems and devices,alarms, printers, copiers and projectors, etc.
  Productivity Software Support   X X    
  Web Site Hosting X   X    
  Web Development   X X URCM University Relations, Communications, and Marketing provides a standard branded website template
  Data Center X   X    
  Conference/meeting room support       AITS Supported for UNT Administrative departments
Research Support & Faculty Support Services High Performance Computing   X X    
Research Software & Statistical Support   X X    
Research & Visualization Lab   X      
Academic Data Management   X     Academic Test Scoring and research data entry
Student & Instructional Technology Support Student General Access Computer Lab Support   X X    
Classroom Media Technology Support   X X CSS  
Student IT Help Desk   X      
Computer Classroom Support   X X    
Computer Testing Center   X      
Student Bulk Email Service   X      
Student Printing   X X    
Student Email X X   SAAS (Vendor) ITSS manages the contract and integration. 
UIT provides student support.
Security & Compliance   X X X   All IT units are involved in the execution of the IT security program
IT Governance   X X      
ITSS UNT System Information Technology Shared Services
UIT UNT University Information Technology - In addition to research, faculty, student and instructional support, UIT provides departmental support to non-academic units
Local IT Academic IT organizations, AITS,  and UNT Police Department IT support
Other Non-IT organizations providing services