UNT History: Computing in the 1970s

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IBM 360/50

IBM 360/50

1970 – IBM 360/50 CPU purchased to support both academic and administrative computing.

Computing Operations is created with Ray Sanders hired as Operations Supervisor.

1971 – First Computing Center newsletter published Aug. 24, 1971, NTSU Computing Center Newsletter.  The editor was Jerry Waldon.

1973 – The capacity of the IBM 360/50 was doubled to a capacity of 512K bytes.

1974 – Several administrative inquiry/update terminals were connected to the 360/50.  CICS is used for online transactions.

1976 – An HP-2000 minicomputer purchased to provide low-cost, BASIC language only, time-sharing terminal support.

HP 2000

HP 2000

SPSS purchased with a faculty research grant through the efforts of Dr. Jim Glass of the Political Science Department

1978 – The capacity of the IBM 360/50 was doubled again when the leased CPU was replaced with a purchased unit of a full megabyte of core memory.

Sixteen Apple microcomputers were installed in the Computer Science Department.

apple II

Apple II

Technical Support area created with Jerry Waldon as Associate Director of that group. 

Douglas Lilliard hired as Associate Director of Academic Computing

1979 – IBM 360/50 upgraded for the final time.

A remote job entry station, RJE, was installed in the Business Administration Building.

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