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COVID Update

The staff of Digital Desktop Services, the Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center and all mobile laptop testing services will keep its customers updated on this website as procedures are developed by the UNT administration and community. Currently the Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center and all of its mobile operations are functioning and available within the university's COVID guidelines. The computer classrooms at Discovery Park are also operating and available within the university's COVID guidelines. We also have a variety of "live online proctoring" resources as well. Please contact us to meet all of your secure online testing needs and your classroom desktop needs during this time period.

General information/help: The following websites have been specifically set up for students who would be taking courses online and faculty who would be teaching them – Students: and Faculty: – please go to those websites for assistance for all online teaching and learning.  As many courses will be moving to CANVAS and Zoom for delivery, instructions and training on how to use those resources are available at these sites. Additionally, all UNT community members are encouraged to take advantage of several training modules available via our LinkedIn Learning tools. To access LinkedIn Learning, please go to, access your account, and search for Zoom and CANVAS training.

The UNT Helpdesk is here for you! If you have questions about anything and are experiencing info overload, just remember to call 940-565-2324 or email

Welcome to UIT Desktop Services! 

The Desktop Services office, part of Instructional IT Services and University Information Technology, supports the goals of the university by facilitating a technical environment that enhances learning, research and testing through the use of technology.  

We provide technical management for the Discovery Park general instruction desktop computer classrooms, University IT staff and the Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center.

Testing Center and Mobile Testing Services: For contact and scheduling information, contact the Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center.

Discovery Park Classrooms: To schedule a class or other event in these rooms, please contact the Office of the Registrar.  

Desktop Services team members are available to demonstrate how to use the classroom and ensure all test environments are set up to the specifications of the instructor. 

The UIT Desktop Services area includes the following:
     Discovery Park Classrooms and Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center: Desktop support and consultations
      JAMF Software: Desktop and laptop management, mobile device, iOS management, server management and consultations
     Laptop Carts:  Mobile online-testing support
     Microsoft Certification Testing Services: Certiport/Pearson certification for Microsoft Office Suite
     Microsoft System Center Configuration Management: Desktop/laptop management and consultations
     Sage Hall Adaptive Computer Lab: Desktop support and consultations
     Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center Security Cameras: Monitoring
     UIT Staff: For desktop support, server support and consultations, use ServiceNow.

      Submit a ticket through ServiceNow.

  1. log in with your EUID and password,
  2. select the "request a service" option,
  3. enter the required information, order the service,
  4. then logout.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday   |   8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Location: GAB, Room 204 and Sage Hall, Room C330
Email:   |   Phone: 940-369-6051

UIT Desktop Services Staff:

Kris Selby, cross-functional IT support manager, campuswide and UNT Systemwide Initiatives and Services
Yonathan Khoe, cross-functional IT support supervisor, Testing Services Management, 940-369-8665, GAB, Room 204
Sam Wiggins, IT service desk manager, Testing Services Operations, 940-369-6298, Sage Hall, Room 332A