Tech Tour #7: Wireless Connections

student tech tour stop 7

Stop #7:  Here you will learn about four methods to connect to a wireless network: EagleNet, UNT, EduRoam and ResNet.

1. Eaglenet: An open, unsecured network in all academic and service buildings and general areas, but not recommended.

2. UNT network:  Secure (802.1x authentication and AES encryption) and preferred. The UNT network provides access to campus academic resources and the Internet. It provides a secure connection over the air at all UNT locations and will work the same at all locations once configured on your device. This one is recommended.

eduroam logo3. EduRoam: Education Roaming, also called EduRoam, is secure with 802.1x authentication and AES encryption; provides access to some local resources and the Internet. It also authenticates visiting students, researchers, faculty, and staff with their credentials from their respective institutions worldwide.  FYI: Students, staff and faculty can use their UNT credentials at other universities and educational sites. 

4. ResNet:  Wireless connectivity, called ResNet, in the UNT residence halls is provided by Apogee, a provider of on-campus residential networks in higher education. 

UNT Network or Eaglenet?  The UNT network offers two main benefits over Eaglenet.

  1. The UNT network has increased security providing encryption.
  2. It does not require a login portal to access the wireless network.

Help Desk Assistance: The UIT Help Desk website has information about the wireless networks available at UNT. That information includes how to get started with Eaglenet and UNT wireless services with easy-to-follow configuration instructions.

NOTE: Students may not connect their own wireless network-serving devices to the University of North Texas and Resnet networks. Read more about the UNT Network Connection Policy.

For more information on the wireless networks available at UNT and UNT System institutions see UNT System Wireless Networking.

Help Desk Contact Information

Call:  940-565-2324   |  Email:   Online: Help Desk Home Page  |  Come by:  Sage Hall, Room 330

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