Tech Tour #6: Securing Your Data

Stop #6: You are half way through the tech tour and this stop is seriously important, so pat yourself on the back for using your time wisely!

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Learning to safely back up, store and transport your data is an important and essential part of success in college. Please contact the Help Desk any time you may need assistance or have questions about information technology issues or problems you encounter. Even the most technology-forward people sometimes have questions; the Help Desk is here to help.

Backing Up, Storing and Transporting

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  • Flash Drives: Computer users can use an external USB flash drive, sometimes called a thumb drive, to store and transport data between their home workspace and the general-access computer labs. The computer labs have easily-accessible USB ports for this purpose on the front of their machines.
  • Data in the Cloud: UNT's cloud-based data storage system is part of your EagleConnect email account. The storage system is called OneDrive. Students have 1TB of free, online storage available to them through OneDrive.

Virus Protection and Other Security Issueslogo and product box for McAfee Virus Scan software

Help Desk Contact Information

Call:  940-565-2324   |  Email:   Online: Help Desk Home Page  |  Come by:  Sage Hall, Room 330

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