Tech Tour #5: Computer Labs

Photos of two computer labs with rows of computer stations and students working.

Where are all the labs on campus?

Tech Tour Stop #5 on a green octagonYour fifth stop on the Student Tech Tour is about the computer labs that are located at the main campus, Discovery Park and the Dallas campus.

You also have access to a Virtual Statistics Lab!

Hours vary during special seasons, such as holidays, spring break and summer, so check the UNT Student Computer Labs website to ensure the availability of the lab you plan to use.

NOTE: The one lab on campus that is well known for being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week is Willis Library lab, but even the Willis Library Lab sometimes closes or adopts special hours. It is best to check lab availability ahead of time as you plan big projects or homework around special times of the year.  Students may check the seat availability online.

Check for lab hours, locations, printing capability, laptop checkout and seat availability

IMPORTANT:  A valid UNT student identification card is needed to access all UNT computer labs. Do not forget your ID!

Following are a few facts about the student computer labs.

  • The university has computer labs at the main campus, Discovery Park, and the Dallas Campus
  • Windows and Apple Macintosh computers with Microsoft® Office are in each lab
  • General hardware and software available include web browsers, DVD burners and scanners
  • The Adaptive Computing and Learning Lab is in Sage Hall, Room 330. For more information about accessibility, please contact the Office of Disability Accommodation.
  • Laser printing is available in the labs: printing information; Web Print Services also called Print from Anywhere.
  • In addition to meeting the general academic needs of all UNT students, each lab provides discipline-specific software and resources to fulfill the unique academic requirements of the students within the supporting school or college.
  • The Willis Library lab is open 24/7 during most of the year, and many others are open until midnight. For the winter, spring and summer breaks, it is advisable to check for special hours in advance.

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