Tech Tour #10: Your IT Resources

Here you will find more IT resources from various UNT departments.

Suggestion: Bookmark this page for future reference or download and save the documents on this page to your desktop.


  1. Is Your Computer Secure? A checklist and resource for password security, virus protection, copyright advice and a variety of other security issues. Source: UNT System Shared Services.  Brochure for employees.
  2. Student Computer Labs: Find the UNT Student Computer Lab locations, lab hours and information about available resources. Source: UNT Computer Labs office.
  3. The UIT Help Desk brochure—for students and for faculty—includes a summary of the IT services available at UNT and how to access them quickly online – save to your desktop, print or bookmark this page.
  4. IT Resources for Graduate Students: A listing services and resources particularly pertinent to graduate students.
  5. For research students, faculty and staff: Data Science and Analytics Office Brochure
  6. Technology Tour for undergraduate students:
    A. UNT Success Session: PowerPoint Show with narration
    B. Accessible for screen readers: Download the Technology Tour #1 with a script to read along. (As of 5-1-18, Microsoft© PowerPoint)
    C. Need training about on an IT-related topic? Ask the UIT Help Desk,
  7. Technology Tour for faculty, staff and graduate students:
    Accessible for screen readers: Download the Technology Tour #2 with a script to read along. (As of 12-20-18, Microsoft© PowerPoint)
  8. University IT pamphlet of services. (As of 12-06-2018)
  9. Computer Use Policy 14.003


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