*New* Zoom Lockdown Combination Testing:


Who this is for:

Professors wanting a unified test time (entire class) Remotely and who want a higher level of security than what is currently available through Lockdown Browser or Lockdown Monitor.


Who this is not for:

Professors not interested in a live proctor OR individual appointments


How do I request a reservation:

Request your reservation at it.unt.edu/test and write “Zoom Lockdown” in the description.


What do I need to know:


·      Event Description

·      Date and time (Remember to include an end time!)

·      How many seats needed (Larger requests may be split depending on daily availability)

·      Confirm whether this is an exam or quiz

·      Students will need a lockdown compatible Laptop AND any smart phone with Zoom installed prior to test day. (Students without a phone are welcome to utilize our Make up Windows)

·      Don’t forget to put Zoom Lockdown in the description


COVID ready changes:

Students are taking this exam from home—no extra precautions needed


Procedure Professor side:


·      Request reservation

·      Configure test to require Lockdown Browser and Password

·      Be ready to join the “Proctor zoom call” 15 minutes prior

·      Students will be moved by UIT staff into their respective breakout rooms as they join. (Each breakout room contains 20-30 students and one proctor)

·      We strongly recommend keeping Microsoft Teams up in order to more quickly communicate with UIT staff.

·      We strongly recommend requiring students raise their hand and “sign out” before submitting (recording completion time or viewing test submission to ensure test is closed before students end their zoom call)

·      Please be available for the duration of requested Test times. You will be given access to move about all open zoom rooms.


Procedure Student side:

·      Ensure the latest version of Respondus Lockdown is installed on your Laptop

·      Ensure the latest version of Zoom is installed on your phone

·      Find a quiet area to test, free of distractions.

·      Launch Respondus lockdown on your computer and enter the zoom call on your phone.

·      Position your phone so that your entire work area is visible. (Please note, in the event of suspected cheating you may be asked to show alternate views or turn your microphone on.

·      You will be moved to a breakout room and given the password to start your exam once your room has filled.

·      Once you’re ready to submit raise your hand and you will be moved to our “submission room” to confirm your test is closed. Once your test is submitted you may end the zoom call.