Testing Center Class wide Reservations


Who this is for:

Professors wanting a unified (entire class) in person test time at the Sage Hall Testing Center. This is the most secure of all the options and is ideal for in person classes desiring a safe and secure testing environment.


Who this is not for:

Individual students should be signed up directly for drop in hours by emailing Samuel Wiggins  (Wiggins@unt.edu)


How do I request a reservation:

Simply follow the request link at it.unt.edu/test and submit a request for your desired dates and times. Remember you can view the calendar at the same website at anytime.


What do I need to know:

The Sage Hall Testing Center has four rooms, (331, 333, 334, 335) these rooms are assigned by class size by Testing Center staff. There is no need to indicate which rooms you would like.

Students should report to the Testing Center in C330 on test day.


Please have the following information ready when you’re getting ready to submit your request:


·      Event Description

·      Date and time (remember to include an end time!)

·      How many seats needed

·      Computer configuration settings (Respondus, chrome, etc.)

·      Confirm whether this is an exam or quiz

·      Confirm printer, USB, and Office preferences (Disabled unless indicated)


COVID ready changes:

·      Students are required to wear masks when moving around the Testing Center or if they are speaking with anyone. (Students may remove mask DURING the test but must replace it before speaking with staff or leaving)

·      Faculty and staff are expected to keep their mask on as long as they’re in Sage Hall. (baring closed office doors)

·      We’re cleaning each station after students are done with their station to reduce the spread of germs.

·      50% capacity (77 seats) is in place in order to safely socially distance