*New* Zoom Proctoring Procedures and Guidelines. (Grade Hub)


In this guide you’ll receive basic instructions and a set of guidelines of the steps for each role within our new remote proctoring strategy.




Proctor Lead: Full time employee or senior staff member set to manage the “rooms” at the beginning set up as well as managing any suspected cheaters.


Professor: The professor or faculty representative for the exam or quiz, able to go between rooms to observe or remain in the “lobby” to address student questions or potential issues of academic integrity.


Proctor/Primary Student Support: Assigned to a single room for each exam. Responsible for reporting issues of academic integrity to the Proctor lead in order to facilitate an investigation. Answers logistics issues and ensures students are able to access their exam.


Student: Test taker, users should utilize their laptop or desktop in combination with their smartphone.



Procedure—Proctor Lead:


1.     Begin Zoom meeting 10-15 minutes early

2.     Create appropriate breakout rooms (if not completed already) (20-30 students per room depending on staffing and one “lobby”)

3.     Address professor concerns and confirm materials allowed (if any)

4.     Open and allow students to begin joining the zoom call

5.     Begin moving students into breakout rooms

6.     Remain available for the duration of the exam in order to move students between rooms for questions and concerns.

7.     Assist Professor with any additional closing procedure




1.     Log into zoom 10-15 minutes early and prepare to be assigned and moved into your breakout room.

2.     Assist students with questions for the first 5 minutes of the exam being open with getting into the exam

3.     After 5 minutes inform students of required silence and release the password

4.     After the “seating period”, students with questions should be moved to the lobby to avoid disrupting

5.     Keep teams up and be prepared to communicate with the Proctor Lead about moving students to another room




1.     Log into zoom 10-15 minutes early

2.     Confirm test preferences with Proctor Lead

3.     Remain in lobby with Proctor Lead assisting students with last minute questions (if being answered)

4.     Must be available for the duration of test time to facilitate any academic dishonesty concerns or questions. (Professors may either remain in the lobby or navigate through the various rooms in order to view students accessing the exam.

5.     If utilizing end of exam sign-outs, please be in the lobby to assist with ID checks after the first student finishes their exam.




1.     Launch Chrome or Firefox on your computer and log into canvas

2.     Log into zoom 5 minutes prior to test time via your smartphone. Be sure your environment is clearly visible (use UNT Single Sign On account ex. Abc1234)

3.     Use the “Raise hand” feature if you have any questions, please note professors may not be taking questions on test day.

4.     Navigate to your exam in preparation of the password becoming available.

5.     Enter password and begin exam

6.     If Professor is utilizing end of exam sign-outs, students should raise their hand prior to submitting their exam





Q: What equipment do employees need?

A: a webcam accessible device, we recommend a laptop or desktop computer with up to date firmware. (Rather than a phone or tablet)


Q: What equipment do students need?

A: Students need either a computer both compatible with Chrome/Firefox and zoom OR a computer compatible with Chrome/Firefox AND a zoom compatible phone.


Q:What if students do not want to test using this method?

A: Contact Samuel.Wiggins@unt.edu to schedule individual student reservations, Or, reserve an entire room or more through it.unt.edu/test