Drop in Windows Reservations:


Who this is for:

Professors needing to test 1-10 students either because they missed an exam, don’t have compatible hardware at home, or do not consent to Zoom proctoring.


Who this is not for:

Larger reservations (more than 10 students) should be requested at it.unt.edu/test for Testing Center or Laptop testing


How do I request a reservation:

Email Wiggins@unt.edu with the pertinent information (found below) keeping in mind these times are subject to availability.


What do I need to know:


·      Students/Professors will need to select a time “at the top of the hour” and must arrive at that time. No late arrivals, or early birds will be seated. Available window is m,t,w,t,f 10a-5p with limited seating

·      If allowing student to select time, please provide a window of available days to test and be sure your student is cc’d on the email. (Ex. All times within Jul 9-Jul 13)

·      Please provide technical preference Lockdown Browser y/n

·      Test Password (if any do NOT include if cc-ing student.)

·      Materials allowed (if any)

COVID ready changes:

·      Students are required to wear masks when moving around the Testing Center or if they are speaking with anyone. (Students may remove mask DURING the test but must replace it before speaking with staff or leaving)

·      Faculty and staff are expected to keep their mask on as long as they’re in Sage Hall. (baring closed office doors)

·      We’re cleaning each station after students are done with their station to reduce the spread of germs.

·      50% capacity is in place in order to safely socially distance