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Technical, Analytical Support for Software

Lattice cloud exampleThe Data Science and Analytics team provides technical and analytical software support for a number of statistical packages.  With a focus on using R software, our staff members have much experience with the others we support as well.  While you may have access to other programs—depending on specific departments' expenditures, those listed below are the only packages supported by DSA. 

The software supported by DSA is available in most UNT computer labs in their full version at no additional cost to students or employees.

Clicking on the package links will take you to their individual pages for basic descriptions and additional resources.  A comparison of packages and other links can be found below.

General Purpose Software Virtual Lab Faculty Home Use Student Home Use Windows Mac UNIX/Linux
R yes yes yes 4.0 4.0 4.0
Stata/IC yes no* no* 16 16 16
SAS yes yes yes 9.4 - 9.4
SPSS Statistics  yes yes yes 26 & 27 26 & 27 -
SPSS Modeler yes yes yes 18.2 18.2  
Special Purpose Software Virtual Lab Faculty Home Use Student Home Use Windows Mac UNIX/Linux
MATLAB & Simulink yes yes yes 2020b 2020b  2020b
Mathematica yes yes yes 11 & 12 11 & 12 11 & 12
AMOS no no no 26 & 27 - -
LISREL yes no no 9 8 -
EViews yes no no 11 - -
NVivo Plus yes no no 12 12 -

Virtual Statistics Lab: Available to both faculty and students upon request, these applications are hosted on UNT servers and presented virtually to your on- or off-campus computer, meaning that you may use these full applications without the need to install them on your local computer. For more information, visit the Virtual Statistics Lab web page.

To request access to software, submit a UNT IT Help Ticket: Software Request.

* Stata: Although not available for home use, UNT faculty, staff, and students are eligible for a discount when purchasing. For more information, see the Stata information page.

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