LyndaCampus for Teachers provides a vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest software, creative, and business skills in courses that are not for college credit. Taught by accomplished teachers and recognized industry experts, tutorials are high quality resources for employees or students to develop and augment their skills in Microsoft© Office, Adobe Creative Suite, project management, communication, and more.

How does support you as a teacher?

  • Find the latest updates to the technology you use every day
  • Tracks training for professional development hours
  • Allows learning for every type of learning style – auditory, visual, & kinesthetic
  • Provides certificates of completion that can be posted to LinkedIn

How can you lead your classroom using

  • Flip the classroom with whole courses from
  • Report on student progress and celebrate “power learners” to boost positivity.
  • Assign playlists to classes or individuals for customized, guided learning or tutoring.
  • Run mini-challenges to boost student development, e.g., in STEM, Adobe, or Microsoft.

“Flipping the classroom has become something of a buzzword, but it is more than a trend. It’s an effective instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering content outside of the classroom – often online. This is where LyndaCampus excels. Faculty can use whole or parts of courses from, assign playlists for students to follow or conduct a challenge to boost student development. If one student seems to lack a specific skill, such as how to make a table in Word or how to size photos in Photoshop, the teacher can recommend one specific chapter or the whole course to customize teaching for individuals. If faculty want ideas about how or what to enhance their courses with LyndaCampus, members of the CLEAR staff are available as consultants.”

How can you get the most out of

  • Try “Flipping the Classroom” with Lynda
  • Create a learning challenge monthly or bi-monthly
  • Use bookmarks to indicate favorite videos or courses
  • Use the Notes feature to create outlines for your students
  • Create and share or assign course playlists
  • Download exercise files and have students practice applying knowledge as they go
  • Check out the Learning Blog for more education related topics

How can you acces­­­­­­s at the University of North Texas?

All UNT System students and employees have access to LyndaCampus here:

Where should you start?

View the How to use course to learn how to find, access, and view tutorials. You may create your classes, playlists, and assignments.  To learn more, view Teaching with To link to LyndaCampus from your course, visit the website for the Center for Learning Experimentation, Application and Research. Also, read about how to access the exercise files in courses.

How can you get help?

Contact UIT Help Desk with your technical issues,, or the Center for Learning Experimentation, Application and Research, CLEAR, Let us know how you like LyndaCampus by sending a short description to



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