Information Technology Governance at UNT


UIT embraces a governance model to clearly define and communicate IT requirements, decision responsibilities, and accountabilities to encourage effective and coordinated deployment of  information technology at UNT. In addition to UNT's local IT Governance as described below, Information Technology Shared Services (ITSS) Strategic Services, a component of System Shared Services, has developed and adopted a governance framework to serve as a guideline and provide structure to its collaborative decision making, decision-making authorities, service delivery, evaluation of services, reporting and internal controls.

Governance Groups

IT Planning and Prioritization Group (ITPP)

  • Purpose in brief

    • Determine the factors that create value for the university, transforming or growing the university. 
    • Review and prioritize all project/IT investment proposals submitted by the UNT business units based on the value delivery and linkage to business strategy.
    • Prepare a shortlist of high priority proposals which should be submitted to IT Shared Services demand management and should be further prepared for consideration by IT Governance approving bodies. 
    • Identify project proposals which are mandated and suggest those that may be  operational. 
  • Membership - Senior UNT Administrators
    • Chair: Vice President for Enrollment Management
    • Associate Vice President for Information Services
    • Associate Vice President Data, Analytics, & Institutional Research
    • Associate Vice Provost for Learning Enhancement
    • Execuitve Director of University Information Technology
    • Senior Director of Administrative Information Technology Support

Technical Architecture Group (TAG)

  • Purpose in brief

    • Receive input from technical staff
    • Accept, analyze, and evaluate IT-related solutions for shared needs
    • Provides strong input to UNT Leadership to ensure IT meets the university’s operational needs
    • Define and coordinate the procedures, standards, and technology requirements UNT uses to organize data, equipment, and applications
  • Membership – IT professional staff
    • Chair: Executive Director of University Information Technology
    • Academic IT Support
      • College of Arts and Sciences
      • CLEAR
      • College of Business
      • College of Education
      • College of Information
      • College of Visual Arts and Design
      • College of Engineering
      • Student Computing Lab Managers Chair (non-voting)
      • UNT Libraries
      • College of Music
      • College of Public Affairs and Community Service
      • Texas Academy of Math and Sciences
    • Finance and Administration
      • AITS
      • Decision Support Services
      • UNT Police IT Support
    • University IT
      • Instructional IT Services
      • IT User Services
    • Staff Council – non-voting
    • ITSS
      • ITSS Management & Risk Services
      • ITSS Communication & Collaboration Services (non-voting)
      • ITSS Enterprise Systems Infrastructure Services (non-voting)
      • ITSS Strategic Services (non-voting)
      • ITSS Campus Technology Support Services (non-voting)

For more information about IT governance at UNT, please send an email to Philip Baczewski, Executive Director, University Information Technology.