Help Desk: Installing MS Office 365 ProPlus

Important:  Free Microsoft© Office 365 ProPlus is available only to employees and currently enrolled students.

On this page, you will find the instructions for installing Office 365 on a desktop computer or mobile device.

Who is eligible for the free version of Office 365 ProPlus? Currently enrolled UNT students. 

How long can it be used? Only while currently enrolled at UNT as a student – not after graduation.  This service is available only to currently enrolled UNT students. 

What is included with Office 365 ProPlus?

  • Microsoft® Office 2016 for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft® Office 2016 for Mac OSX 10.5.8 and newer
  • Microsoft® Office Mobile for iOS 6.1 and newer
  • Microsoft® Office Mobile for Android 4.0 and newer

You will be able to use MS Office on up to five Windows or Mac machines and use MS Office Mobile on up to five mobile devices.

How does this differ from EagleConnect’s OneDrive Office Web Apps that are already available?

The OneDrive Office Web Apps are great solution for managing your MS Office documents on the go, since they may be accessed and modified anywhere you have Internet access and a web browser.  The applications included with MS Office 365 ProPlus are the full, separate applications and can be used “offline,” such as when using the software on a desktop or laptop.  

Install the suite, sign in with your EagleConnect account. That's it, you are ready to go!

Check out Microsoft® Office 365 ProPlus FAQ for more information.

How do I start using Office 365 ProPlus?

Desktop applications

1)      Log into EagleConnect.

2)      Click the small, round gear icon near your name at the top right and select “Office 365 settings.”

Office 365 ProPlus Screen 1

3)      Select “software” from the menu on the left.

Office 365 ProPlus Screen 2

4)      It is best to go with the “recommended” version of Office. For instance, Windows users may be using a 64-bit operating system, but most applications and plugins that integrate with Microsoft Office will be built for the 32-bit version of office. You may select an alternate version if you prefer, however, it is recommended that only advanced users venture into this territory.

Office 365 ProPlus Screen 3

5)      Select “install” to download the installer for your Office application.

6)      Open this downloaded file to start the install.

7)      Please do not go offline or restart your computer during this process; it is actively installing the software at this point. You likely will see a status indicator like this one:

365 ProPlus Screen 4

8)      While it is installing, it will offer you the opportunity to sign into your Office 365 suite.

365 ProPlus Screen 5

9)      Click “Sign in” and you’ll be prompted for a username. Enter your EagleConnect ID, usually in the form of and click “Next.”

10)   The next screen will ask to verify which type of account you’re using to sign in. Since this is a service through EagleConnect from UNT, select “Organizational account.”

365 ProPlus Screen 6

11)   At the next page, enter your password and select “Sign in.”  At this point, the installer will offer to give you a walk-through of Office 365 or skip to the end where you will be presented with a larger progress indicating the status of your Office install.  Once you see the screen below, you are all done and ready to use the software!               

365 ProPlus Screen 7

Mobile applications 

1)      Download Microsoft’s “Office Mobile” application from the app store.

2)      Upon opening the application, you will be prompted to read over the terms of use. You must accept these terms to use the Office Mobile applications.

3)      Select “Activate Office” and enter your EagleConnect ID, usually, in the username field.               

365 ProPlus Screen 8A

4)      The next screen will ask to verify which type of account you’re using to sign in.  Since this is a service through EagleConnect from UNT, select “Organizational account.”  At the next page, enter your password and select “Sign in.”

365 ProPlus Screen 9A

5)      Once you sign in, you should be all set!               

365 ProPlus Screen 10A

Having trouble downloading or installing Office 365 ProPlus?

Having trouble logging in?

  • See if you can log into your EagleConnect account.
  • If you can’t log into EagleConnect, ensure you can log into the Account Management System with your EUID and password. While you are there, ensure you are using the correct EagleConnect ID.


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