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Information Technology is an integral part of the university experience for everyone. Information Technology starts at your desktop but can involve systems managed by your department, by one or more of the following entities.

For IT help or to request an IT service, you may log in with your UNT credentials, EUID and password, to access ServiceNow, UNT System's cloud-based business-process management software. 

Desktop computing support is provided by a college or department-level IT support organization. To find your first point of contact for desktop computing issues, refer to the UNT Distributed IT Support List.

Information on this page is for all employees, however, IT Services for Faculty are described in detail on a separate page.

Strongly Recommended:  Take the Technology Tour. Designed to guide new and returning students, it is useful and informative for all who want to connect, configure and get to work using IT services at UNT.

Things to Know

  • UIT Help Desk: The University Information Technology Help Desk is located in Sage Hall, Room 233, Room 233, after March 19, 2017. The Help Desk team members provide support to all students, employees, retirees and visitors of the university who have questions and/or issues concerning computing and information technology at UNT. Each consultant at the Help Desk has primary responsibility for supporting general purpose computing services and providing a link to distributed computer support areas in the various colleges, departments and administrative units. Each computer support area is separately responsible for desktop-computing support and services specific to its area.
  • University IT: Visit the UIT Home Page to help you get started with IT Services. On the home page, you will find menu links that refer to the most frequently requested information. Feel free to refer your students to this site and to the UIT Help Desk for IT matters.

UIT Help Desk Contact Information: should you still have questions, feel free to contact the Help Desk.
Call: 940-565-2324   |   Click:  –  Online Help Desk   |   Come by: Sage Hall, Room 233

  • EUID: what is that? One of the most common questions answered by the UIT Help Desk is "What's my EUID?" EUID stands for "Enterprise User Identification" and has been created to simplify access to computer resources across campus. For employees, the EUID is created as soon one's employment forms are processed by the Human Resources Office; for students, the EUID is created when fees are paid.
    • Not sure what your EUID is? If you are not sure what your EUID is, you can find out at the Account Management System website.
    • Password: You also can check your password status in AMS as well as change your password and configure your preferred e-mail address there too.
  • The Enterprise Information SystemVisit the EIS portal to do a variety of things related to your employment at UNT. Once you have logged in with your EUID, you can do things such as view your paycheck, check your benefits, sign-up for training with human resources and more.
    • EIS and Your Contact Information:  You also can verify or update your contact information to make sure you receive EagleAlert messages for emergency or inclement weather notices.
  • Information Technology Services: for employees and for faculty
  • The UNT Copyright Resources website provides the UNT community with information about copyright law and resources to help people make good decisions when utilizing copyrighted material:
  • Student Computer Labs:  UNT’s Student Computer Labs are open to anyone with a valid UNT ID card. There are labs throughout the main Denton campus and two at the Discovery Park. The lab in Sage Hall, Room 153 has adaptive hardware and software for students with special needs. These labs are student-fee funded but are open to faculty on an as-available basis. For more information, including lab hours see:
  • Benchmarks Online is University IT's news journal since 1980. Subscribe: Click here to subscribe. Read current issue: Click here to read the current issue. Archives: Click here to access the archives.
  • RestrictionsUNT computer systems can be used only for activities related to academic work or other UNT-related business and activities; use for personal, commercial gain is not allowed. Learn the rules, by reading the UNT Computer Use Policy.
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