Exam Grading and Analysis

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Exam-Grading Options

1. New! Remark® Remote Exam-Grading

Remark Remote Exam-Grading allows you to prepare and print your exam forms in the comfort of your own office. UIT Exam Services will scan the exams and send the data to your confidential location. You then can modify – if needed, and save reports, all from your Windows PC, Mac or tablet.

1. Preliminary Setup Instructions
2. Reports with Student Namesrecommended for small classes: fewer than 30 students
3. Reports with Student IDs and Names recommended for large classes: 30 students or more

View sample reports. Reports are provided electronically.

a. Class Learning Objective
b. Condensed Item Analysis
c. Condensed Test Report
d. Student Grade Report
e. Student Response Report
f. Student Response Similarities Report
g. Student Statistics Report
h. Student Test Report
i. Test Analysis Report
j. Test Item Statistics Report
k. Test Statistics Report

2. Scantron Forms

View Sample Form Options • Reports are provided electronically.

  • Self-Score forms report the incorrect items and total score on the answer sheet. 
  • Survey forms cannot be used for exams/testing.

View sample reports:  Class Frequency, Item Analysis, Student Response, Test Statistics, Data

To purchase forms, visit the UNT Barnes and Noble Bookstore, or order online at the online Scantron store. Enter the Scantron form number in the search field.

3. Education Station Form

View Sample Form • Reports are provided electronically.

The forms for the Education Exam are free. You may pick up the forms in batches of 100 in the Exam and Research Data Services office, GAB, Room 206. Please note: The *KEY is denoted by the barcode at the bottom right of the page. Additional keys are available by request.

View sample reports: Exam Report Sample. The combined report includes Test Statistics, Class Frequency and Student Responses. Data also are provided in Excel Format.

Please address your questions about exam services to JoAnn Luksich, ERDS manager.