Benchmarks Online, IT News Journal

Service Description: Publication of Benchmarks Online, a periodic journal, produced quarterly—February, May, August, November—and distributed to an email subscription list and via social media. Services include writing news and feature articles, providing photography in support of news stories, attending news events that are IT-related for publication in Benchmarks Online.

Service Request:

1. Subscribe or opt out of Benchmarks.
2. To submit a story idea, request photography services or publicity, send an email to the Benchmarks editor at least 10 business days prior to the publication date.
3. View the publication dates.
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Services Not Included: Coverage of news, information or events that are not related to information technology or computing.

Service Response Time: Dependent upon the request and urgency of the matter determined by the editor.

Service Availability: Open to all – IT aficionados, professionals, members of the IT community

Service Group:  University Information Technology   |   Manager: Philip Baczewski

Contact Information: 940-565-3886  |  |  GAB, Room 166