Apple© Desktop, Server and Mobile Device Management

Service Description: Provide Apple© desktop, server and mobile management via the JAMF server/Casper Suite of comprehensive enterprise management software; provide consultations for Apple© desktop, server and mobile device management.

Service Request: Request Apple© desktop, server and mobile management by sendign an email to

Services Included: Management services for Apple© desktops, servers and mobile devices

Services Not Included: Hands-on configuration, installation on non-UIT devices.

Service Response Time: New service requests and upgrades to existing services to be completed within two weeks of notification; an emergency response is provided as soon as possible.

Available to: IT Support Staff on campus – not an individual user service

Service Group: Instructional IT Services   |   Service Team: UIT Desktop Services   |   Manager: Vacant, Check with Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner

Contact Information: 940-565-4808,, GAB, Room 205