Computer-Based Testing Services

Service Description: Consultation and configuration for online testing, services and security; IT support for the following four computer-based testing resources.

  1. Discovery Park computer classrooms,
  2. Mobile Laptop Testing Cart,
  3. UIT Instructional Workshop and
  4. Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center.  

Service Request:  
For Discovery Park computer classroom services, fill out this online form: service request/technical accommodations.

For mobile-testing services, or to reserve the Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center, Room 330C, complete the following three steps.
1. Check the online calendar
2. Make a reservation.
3. Be sure to specify the needed service area: Mobile Laptop Testing, or Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center, Room 330C.

Services Included: Support of mobile and online testing resources not assigned to UIT.

Services Not Included: Proctors for exams and events using the Mobile Laptop Testing Unit are not always available. Reservations for UIT Discovery Park Computer classrooms are made through the UNT Office of the Registrar; exam-design consultation services provided by Center for Learning Experimentation, Application, and Research.

Service Response Time: New service requests to be completed within two weeks of the request.

Available to: Students and employees

Service Group: Instructional IT Services   |   Service Team: Desktop Services  |  Sage Hall Testing Center web page   |   Manager: Samuel Wiggins, IT service desk manager

Additional Contact Information: 940-565-4808, Elizbeth Hinkle-Turner, IITS director, GAB, Room 205, or Yonathan Khoe, IT support supervisor, GAB, Room 204