Laptop testing in progress at the COB

***COVID-19 Virus Update***

The staff of the Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center and all mobile laptop testing services will keep its customers updated here on this website as procedures are developed by the UNT administration and community. As of right now, it is highly likely that exams/events will not be occurring in the Sage Hall Testing Center or using the BLB mobile testing carts or the UIT laptop carts at all  for the remainder of the spring semester. However, all staff will remain in place for these services and we will switch to advising/facilitating/consulting mode to assist you in any way that we can to ensure that both you and your students have a successful conclusion to the Spring 2020 semester. Currently we are keeping all reserved events on the calendars and please continue to send us reservations for your Maymester/summer/fall classes as no decision has been made about those and we are going to go with the assumption that they will occur.

General information/help: The following websites have been specifically set up for students who would be taking courses online and faculty who would be teaching them – Students: and Faculty: – please go to those websites for assistance for all online teaching and learning.  As many courses will be moving to CANVAS and Zoom for delivery, instructions and training on how to use those resources are available at these sites. Additionally, all UNT community members are encouraged to take advantage of several training modules available via our LinkedIn Learning tools. To access LinkedIn Learning, please go to, access your account, and search for Zoom and CANVAS training.

The UIT Helpdesk is here for you! If you have questions about anything and are experiencing info overload, just remember to call 940-565-2324 or email


Laptop-Testing Services — BLB


Mission and Purpose

The laptop-testing services available in the Business Leadership Building are a collaborative project between the College of Business Leadership Team and University Information Technology Instructional IT Services. IITS stores, maintains, delivers, proctors and services mobile testing in the Business Leadership Building for courses and events of the COB. The 200 laptops available provide the opportunity for secure, high-stakes computer-based testing done conveniently in the classroom for all levels of COB students and all sizes of COB classes.

Location Information

The laptops are stored in the BLB for easy access and delivery to classes in the building. Delivery to COB classes outside of the BLB is available and will be reviewed for feasibility on a case-by-case basis. This service is available only to COB faculty for their classes.

Reservations and FAQs

  • Faculty Presence Required: Faculty members or their authorized designee must be present in the classroom during the test.
  • Time Requirement: Should your test require customer configuration of the laptops, please make an appointment with our technical manager at least two weeks before the testing event to verify that the setup is correct.
  • Setup Responsibility: It is the instructor’s responsibility to verify that the computer setup and laptop mobilization plan is as they require for their testing event.
  • Laptop Availability: To view the availability of the laptops please check the calendar. If the time/number of laptops you wish to request appears to be unavailable, please proceed with your request anyway so that it can be reviewed and possibly be accommodated by our reservation team.
  • Center Availability, Hours of Operation and Guidelines: Information regarding availability, priority, hours of operation and other general guidelines can be found on the web page for BLB Laptops – Availability and Guidelines.
  • Support, Technology and Security: Please visit the webpage for BLB Laptop Support, Technology, and Security.

Request a Reservation

To reserve laptops for testing in the BLB, create a ticket through Service Now. Log in with valid UNT credentials, your EUID and password.

Test Monitored by Trained Personnel

IITS will provide a trained technical support person for each laptop testing event.

Additionally, testing proctors, UNT graduate students who have undergone background checks and received extensive training and supervision, are available upon request to assist in protecting academic probity during exams. Proctors will verify students’ identity by checking photo IDs and help ensure that instructors’ security guidelines during exams are followed, e.g., no notes, textbooks, outside assistance, etc. The proctors do not fulfill the exam duties of the course instructor; they serve as an assistant for protecting academic integrity and security compliance during exams.

Contacts and Inquiries

Testing center use and general inquiries:  Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, 940-565-4808, GAB, Room 205
Reservation times/requests and room availability: Samuel Wiggins, 940-369-6298, Sage Hall, Room 332A
Technical inquiries: Testing Center Help Desk,, or 940-369-6051, GAB, Room 204