Benchmarks - March, 2014

Campus Computing News

Wifi Guy

WiFi Expansion Update

By Claudia LynchBenchmarks Online Editor

Back in January, BSB (Before Spring Break), we announced that there is a WIFI Expansion Project UnderwayThe project is a collaboration between University IT (UIT) and the UNT Systems IT Shared Services (ITSS) and everyone has been hard at work getting more WiFi in place on campus.

EDUCAUSE Opportunities


By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

There are some exciting opportunities available via EDUCAUSE this year, and many of them don't require you to travel. An ELI Spring Focus session takes place on April 1, the Annual Conference is coming up in September, and EDUCAUSE Live! webinars remain free and available for viewing at a time of your choosing.

The World Wide Web at 25

World Wide Web Celebrates 25 years

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

On March 12, 1989, a British computer scientist named Tim Berners-Lee, working at CERN, published his proposal for an information management system built on top of the internet. And the world was changed forever. 

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By the Numbers

Down the Corridor of Years


Benchmarks Online publications from 2000 note:

  • The world survives Y2K. A humorous photo from the time.

  • ACS introduces EagleMail, a new student e-mail service which includes IMAP as well as webmail access.

  • UNT adopts a policy which designates e-mail as an official means of communication between the University and students.

  • DCSMT evaluates PDA's for UNT use.

  • The ILOVEYOU virus hits UNT and many other sites disabling e-mail services all over the Internet.

  • ACS releases a bulk student e-mail process to communicate via e-mail to all or selected sets of UNT students.

  • ACS implements online automated activation of student e-mail accounts.

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