Adaptive Technology & Learning Lab Features, Sage Hall

Learn here about the features of the Adaptive Technology and Learning Lab.

Specialized software, hardware, adjustable tables and isolation rooms are available. Should you have any questions, contact the UIT Help Desk.

Telephone: 940-565-2324 
Email:   |   Website:  Help Desk Online
Help Desk:  Sage Hall, Room 330D |   Adaptive Lab: Sage Hall, Room 330


photo of jaws for windows logo

JAWSforWindows:  Job Access With Speech, often called JAWS, is a screen-reading software for blind and/or vision-impaired users. The software can output text to speech or to a Braille display/keyboard, such as those in the Sage Hall isolation room.

Availability: On all lab stations. Windows only.


photo of MAGic software

MAGic: A screen magnification & contrast software. It also enhances user-interface elements such as cursors, mouse pointer and color.

Availability: On all lab stations. Windows only.


photo of non visual desktop access software

NonVisual Desktop Access is an open-source, free screen-reading software for the blind that is similar to JAWSfor Windows, but also keep track of mouse travels. It also can output to a Braille display/keyboard.

Availability: On all lab stations. Windows only.

Kurzweil Firefly

photo of firefly software

Firefly by Kurzweil Education is a text-to-speech Web application for reading documents. It is accessible through this link. Users must log in to use the application. The UNT Office of Disability Access has provided the ACS Lab with an account for users without their own. Firefly accepts Microsoft Word file formats, PDF, and plain text files.

Availability: On all lab stations. Windows or Mac (via the Web browser). Use the isolation rooms to use computer speakers. Use headphones outside of the isolation rooms.

Kurzweil 3000

photo of installed application

Kurzweil 3000 is a text-to-speech application can be interpreted as a much more fully featured Kurzweil Firefly. While Firefly can only read acceptable document/file formats, Kurzweil 3000 can create, convert and read those file formats. This software offers the ability to convert digital documents, such as PDFs, into the .KES file format, a format that only Kurzweil products, such as 3000 or Firefly, could read. Users will have to login in order to use this app. The UNT Office of Disability Access has provided the ACS Lab with an account that can be used to access this software.

Availability: Windows in the isolation rooms, Mac soon.

Mac OS X Offerings

mac os x offering photo

Many of the software we have on Windows also comes built into the Mac operating system. Please ask the lab manager for assistance or further information.



Braille Embosser/Printer

photo of the braille printing machine

Braille Embosser/Printer is a device capable of printing documents in Braille. The device can be used only with a software called iBPrint. It can convert text-based documents into a Braille document.

Availability: In the isolation rooms, Windows Only. Please ask the lab manager for assistance.

Braille Display/Keyboard

photo of the braille keyboard

Braille Display/Keyboard is a device capable of displaying user-interface elements into Braille and is used with the JAWS software on Windows.

Availability: In the isolation rooms, Windows Only. Please ask lab manager for assistance.


Other Resources

Height-Adjustable Tables

photo of the height adjustable table

Four tables in the lab and two in the isolation rooms are height adjustable to accommodate wheelchair access. Please ask the lab staff for assistance.

Isolation Rooms

photo of the isolation room set up with chair and desk

UNT Isolation Lab Rooms are available for students with adaptive needs. Each room is equipped with a single-station iMac, scanner, sound-enabled speakers, a universal serial bus, USB and a microphone.