UIT New Employee Resources

The following information is provided for new staff members of University Information Technology.

Need to Know

Account Management System: Use the Account Management System, AMS, to change your password and manage your account. If your account is new or inactive, you may activate your account.

Bus Schedule, Transit System

Business Service Center

EagleAlert InformationEagleAlert Signup

EUID – Enterprise User Identification

UIT Hours: Generally, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but the Adaptive Lab; Exam and Research Data Services; and UIT Help Desk have unique schedules. Check their websites for hours of operation.

Idea for IT? Make a suggestion.

Identification Card for Employees:  In the first few days of employment, go to Eagle Student Services Center on the west side of the University Union, near the Library. Go to the first floor; the ID Systems area is located at the Student Accounting Office, Room 105. Take along your offer letter or another document containing your Employee Number (not your EUID) and a photo ID, such as a driver license.

IT Desktop Support for UIT Staff: Submit a work order through ServiceNow: https://unts.service-now.com/sm

Keys: UIT Administration will send a Key Request Form to the Structural Door Systems Office. The Key Shop is open 8-11 a.m. and noon-5 p.m., Monday-Friday and is located on the northeast end of Sycamore Hall. Take a photo ID with you to pick up your keys.

Physical Address: UIT offices are located in Sage Hall and General Academic Building.

Lynda.com: Free Online Courses

Mail, Official: UNT mail is dropped for UIT in Sage Hall, Room 338. You may use the post office services on the first floor of the University Union to mail personal mail, buy stamps, etc. Also, there is a FEDEX drop off box across the street from the UNT Auditorium on Hickory Street, next door to SUBWAY.

Map of UNT and Parking Map

MyUNT for HR (for entering your hours, taking training and more): https://myhr.unt.edu/

New Employee Orientation This briefing will provide you with an overview of many aspects of the university, such as the Four Bold Goals, employee benefits, and direct deposit of your pay and much more. Be sure to arrive early to get a seat, free coffee and a free UNT T-shirt.

News about UNT   |   InHouse: News about Employees

Office of Disability Accommodation for Employees

Office Supplies: UIT is located in Sage Hall and GAB; ask your supervisor where your supply closet is located.

Organizational Charts: President's Cabinet and UIT Organizational Chart

Parking at UNT

Perks for Employees

Policies of UNT  |  Information Policy
IT Policy  |  Computer Use Policy

Purchasing? Ask your supervisor.

Security Awareness Training - Required

Signature Block for UIT

Smoke-free Campus, Tabacco-free Area

Staff Senate: An organization offering engagement, resources, advocacy and support of issues pertinent to staff members.

Supervisors: Time and Labor Training

Technology Tour: Good information for employees too!

Time Sheet: Enter your time by logging in to my.unt.edu

Travel Information

UIT Help Desk for Employees

UIT Overview

Nice to Know


Bookstore: UNT Barnes and Noble Located on the first floor of the University Union. 

Event Calendar


  • Business casual
  • Wear green on Fridays and show your Mean Green spirit! School colors: green, white and black
  • Dr. Baczewski treats the staff to doughnuts in the Sage Hall Breakroom every Friday morning! You may wish to refer to the entry below for Wellness opportunities. ;)

History of Computing at UNT

Human Resources • Sycamore Hall, Room 199
Callers to the Human Resources Records and Support Center, 1-855-878-7650, may choose from the following options.
Press 1 =  Employment Verifications
Press 2 =  Benefits and Retirement
Press 3 =  Job Applications, Onboarding
Press 4 =  Records
Press 5 =  All Other Topics
HR Training and Development


Mascot: Scrappy the Eagle. Also in great favor are the albino squirrels and squirrels in general.

Mean Green Sports

UNT Traditions

U.S. Post Office mail drop: University Union, first floor