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SAS is a comprehensive statistical package that comes well equipped to handle many of the needs of the applied researcher, though it, like SPSS, is perhaps even more popular for marketing and business needs in general.  SAS is very powerful out of of the box and capable of a wide variety of analyses.  It is command line driven first and foremost, though SAS Enterprise Guide offers menu capability.  It is more functional than SPSS base, and also uses a macro system like SPSS to add additional functionality.  They can be seen as similar in their programming languages  as well, as such if you are choosing between SAS or SPSS you would probably want to go with the former.

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SAS homepage

SAS Documentation provides documentation for an A - Z list of products.

SAS Base Documentation includes links for Adobe & HTML user guides on SAS Base functions.

What’s new in SAS/STAT software  Introduction to SAS/STAT software

Introduction to: analysis of variance procedures, regression procedures, general linear model estimationnonparametric analysis, categorical analysis procedures, multivariate procedures, survey sampling and analysis procedures, survival analysis procedures, clustering procedures, structural equation modeling (SEM), statistical modeling with SAS/STAT software, mixed modeling procedures, Bayesian analysis procedures

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