R&SS: MATLAB Computing Package

MATLAB is a technical computing package used for applied mathematics as well as sciences that might require mathematical modeling functionality. Through add-ons, it can be made to be a more general purpose statistical package. 

How to get MATLAB

Computer Labs

MATLAB® is available in various computer labs on campus. You may check the Student Computer Labs to find available software at their many locations.

Computer Clusters

MATLAB is available for use on the Talon High-Performance Computing cluster.

University-Owned Machines

Request MATLAB by contacting your college or departmental IT support group.

Personally-Owned Machines

Faculty, staff and students may request Matlab by visiting the Mathworks user portal:

  • Visit the Mathworks portal.
  • Then, select "Get started today" and authenticate with your UNT EUID and password
  • Create a Mathworks account – on your first visit only – using your UNT email address as the User ID and any password of your choice.
  • Log in to your Mathworks with your ID and password to gain access to download MATLAB/Simulink.

MATLAB Online is a web-based component that also is available to those who are provisioned for home use.