R&SS Data Support Services

The R&SS group can help you put your data into a usable form. 

We can help with the following issues – and more! 

  • Transfer of data files from one statistical package to another
  • Getting text data into a statistical package
  • Figuring out what one is looking at with a dataset

Should you require help with data entry, contact Exam and Research Data Services Office.

Other Data Resources

University of North Texas UIT maintains a high-performance computer called Talon for researchers with big data needs. Please visit the HPC website for more information.

Support for Statistics Course Instructors

Attention Statistics Course Faculty: You may be interested in obtaining some simulated data for your class, i.e., data for in-class demonstrations, homework assignments, etc.  The R&SS staff members maintain a simulated population from which random samples can be drawn upon request. Learn more about that population by visiting the page linked below.

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