Research and Visualization Environment (RAVE)

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Research, Data, and Visualization.
The Research and Visualization Environment (RAVE) addresses the needs of scholars who use large amounts of data. The RAVE enhances research, presentations, and grant applications by improving the display or conveyance of data through visual means. It is an “incubator space” for visualization software, skills, and technologies.
Viz Wall Demo
  • Hardware: Dell, Apple, Epson
  • Software: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
  • 3 High-performance Dell Precision workstations
  • 1 High-performance Mac Pro
  • 20-core linux cluster for visualization
  • 12x 30" LCD displays in a 4x3 configuration
  • 1 64" Epson 9-ink professional-grade printer

Visit Us: The RAVE is located in Sage Hall Room 154. Appointments with Dr. Hamner are available via email ( or telephone (940.369.5123).