Set-up Instructions for a Computer

1. Navigate to
2. Click on Sign in.
3. A dialog box is displayed. Click on Sign in with your organization portal .
4. In the area where you enter your organization's URL, enter and click Continue.
5. A dialog box is displayed. Log in using your UNT Enterprise User IDentification, EUID, and password. Click Login.
6. A dialog box is displayed. If you have not had an account before, click No, I've never had an account. Your account then will be created in
7. If you have had an account, click I've had an account.
   a. Enter your previous user name and password. Click Transfer my history.
A welcome screen will be displayed.

Set-up Instructions for a Mobile Device • Apple device instructions

1. Open the application.
2. Touch Already a member?
3. Touch Organization.
4. In the area titled Web Portal, enter and touch Login.
Set-up instructions for a mobile device, step 4.
5. Log in with your UNT Enterprise User IDentification, EUID, and password.
6. Accept the terms and conditions, if prompted.


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