Exam-Grading with Analysis

Service Description: Computer-facilitated exam grading providing standard reports with student scores, incorrect responses, class frequency distribution, class statistics, item-analysis and item-statistics.

Click here for serviceService Request: To request exam-grading with analysis, click here or on the green button. 

Services Included: Computer-facilitated exam-grading and analysis of results

Services Not Included: Test creation, pick up or delivery of exams.

Service Response Time: Exams graded and analysis provided within a maximum of one day of request; target is within 30 minutes of request.

Available to: UNT faculty, staff and student employees

Service Group: Instructional IT Services   |   Service Team: Exam and Research Data Services   |   Manager: JoAnn Luksich

Contact Information: 940-565-3887, JoAnn.Luksich@unt.edu, Sage Hall, Room 336

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IITS - Instructional IT Services, UIT
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