Exam and Research Data Services

Exam and Research Data Services, an office of the Instructional IT Services Department, provides automated examination grading, research support, optical-scan survey forms and processing of faculty course evaluations.

For exams, course evaluations, survey collection – to be keyed or scanned – and optical scan form requests, please complete the following steps.

  • Submit an UNT System Service Request,
  • Print a hard copy of your IT Service Request ticket, and
  • Take your printed, hard copy of the IT Service Request ticket to Sage Hall, Room 336, with your project for processing.

The Exam and Research Data Services office is located in the Sage Hall, Room 336, or you may call us at 940-565-3887 if you have any questions.

Exam and Research Data Services Team

JoAnn Luksich, manager
Clarissa Hutkowski, administrative coordinator
Meredith Kenerly, student assistant

To get started:  Log in to submit a UNT System Service Request by clicking on the name of the needed service below.


1. Exam Grading and Analysis

Education Examination Form, formerly called Dell Printer Station • View Sample Form

The forms for the Education Exam are FREE. You may pick up the forms in batches of 100 in the Exam and Research Data Services office, Sage Hall, Room 336.

There is one KEY per batch of 100. NOTE: The *KEY is denoted by the barcode at the bottom right of the page. Additional keys are available by request.

View Report Sample: Exam Report Sample, 4.9MG, PDF

  • Class Frequency Distribution Report: Indicates the score percentage in graph and numeric form.
  • Item Analysis Graph Report: Indicates the correct answer, the answer selected, and the response percentage for each item.
  • Test Statistics Report: Indicates score data, statistics, percentiles, confidence intervals, and overall test reliability.
  • Test Item Statistics Report: Indicates each question graded, number correct or incorrect, as well as blanks – no responses – and item reliability.
  • Student Grade Report: Indicates each student’s total score, question responses, missed questions and correct answer for that item.

*KEY: This report also produces a copy of the student’s actual scanned exam, which can be saved and stored digitally.

Scantron Form #106173 • View Sample Form

To purchase forms, visit the Scantron store online: https://store.scantron.com. Enter 106173 in the search field.

  • Grade Exams: Marks incorrect responses with the correct answer or with an ‘x’. Provides total number items correct and total percentage correct.
  • Frequency Distribution Analysis: Indicates the number and/or percentage of students’ score. Provides number of students’ scanned, average number and/or percent correct.
  • General Test Item Analysis: Indicates the number and/or percentage of incorrect responses by item. Provides number of students scanned, and average number and/or percent correct.
  • Detailed Test Item Analysis: Indicates the number and/or percentage of students selecting each response. Provides number of students scanned, and average number and/or percent correct.
  • Item Analysis: Provides analysis indicating the Total Score Correct, Item Statistics, Scale Statistics, and Score Distribution Table.

Scantron Form #4521 • View Sample Form

To purchase forms, visit the online Scantron store: https://store.scantron.com (Enter 4521 in search field)
  • Grade Exams: Provides the total items correct.
  • Item Analysis: Provides analysis indicating the Total Score Correct, Item Statistics, Scale Statistics, and Score Distribution Table.

Custom UNT Exam Form #293907 • View Sample Form

The customized form has the ability to collect UNT EUIDs, EmplIDs, as well as gender, class, age and raw data entered onto the form. Output data includes all form data and total score of correct answers in a Microsoft Excel format.

Forms are available at the UNT Barnes and Noble bookstore in the University Union, or directly from the Scantron corporation.

UNT Bookstore Barnes & Noble:  The UNT campus bookstore in the University Union sells single sheets for 75¢ each. To order bulk quantities from the bookstore, send an email to Jennifer Madison.

NOTE: UNT departments receive a 20 percent discount.

Scantron Corporation: Those wishing to order supplies directly from Scantron must do so via email to Diane Martin at Scantron, making sure to include the customform number.
1,999 Sheets (or fewer) =  $680.38.
More than 2000 sheets, fees decrease. 
Contact Diane Martin for more information.
     Diane Martin, Scantron Corp.
     3975 Continental Drive
     Columbia, PA 17512
     Telephone: 1-800-735-2566 x1323   |   Fax: 717-684-1322

2. Research Projects — Data Collection

The following services are provided.

  • Data Collection: Manual keying of instrument, numeric and limited text. Output to Microsoft© Excel file or SPSS format.
  • Optical Scanning: Scanning and verification of Teleform designed forms. Output to Microsoft© Excel file or SPSS format.

3. Custom Design for Optical Scan Survey Form

Surveys forms are custom-designed using Hewlett Packard's Teleform software.  Send an email of your request for a custom-designed form – with a draft of your form – to JoAnn Luksich, manager, or bring it to the UIT Exam and Research Data Services Office, Sage Hall, Room 336.  A custom-designed form from your draft will be designed to be optically scanned to collect data.

4. Faculty and/or Course Evaluation Processing

Scan, edit and process UNT departmental faculty and/or course evaluations. The following standardized reports are available.
Department Overall   |   By Instructor-Course-Section   |   By Instructor
A Microsoft© Excel data file will be provided to run any customized reports.
Faculty/Course-Evaluation Processing Tips

Make sure you have the latest information when you prepare departmental evaluations for processing by the office of Exam and Research Data Services. These tips will help to ensure that your evaluations are processed in a timely manner.

  1. Use ONLY Scantron #4521 for evaluations.
  2. Indicate whether you wish for the professors' names to be included on the report, or whether you wish for only codes to appear on the reports.
  3. Important: If you are requesting the instructors' names to be included, please provide us with a list of professors and codes assigned to them.
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Each group of Scantron forms must be separated – by paper clips, rubber bands, envelopes, etc. – at each point the instructor OR course OR section changes. Also, please be sure that Scantron forms are all face up, with the "cut" corner aligned.
NOTE: The FIRST Scantron form of each group must have the following information bubbled into the ID fields a through j.
  • Instructor number (Fields a-c)
  • Course number (Fields d-g) and
  • Section number (Fields h-j)

The remaining scantrons of that group do not need to be coded.

Please address your questions about content on this page to JoAnn Luksich, E&RDS manager, 940-369-7416. Self-service page.