Drupal Training Topics

Form a Class

When you decide you need instruction about Drupal or web-related matter, such as photography, please send an email to unt.uit@unt.edu to make your interest known. With 10 people on a list, a training session will be formed and posted to the Drupal Calendar. The following topics have been taught; you may choose an existing topic or ask about the formation of class for another Drupal-related or web development topic.

Beginner Level

Very Basic, Introduction to Drupal • Drupal Basics Class Handout
No web development or Drupal experience at all. Orientation to the admin bar and tabs. Will learn about common modules, how to update information in the footer. Where to obtain help, find resources.

Introduction to Central Web Support • PowerPoint Presentation • Class Handout
Instructors: Mike Buras, Jeff Anderson

Introduction to the AP Stylebook, UNT Styleguide, UNT Branding, UNT Fact Site • Class Handout
Instructors: Michelle Hale, Randena Hulstrand

Managing Content • Part 1, Part 2
Instructor: William Hicks

Menus, An OverviewDrupal.org reference and Adding a link to a menu
You can add, remove and rename menus and menu items/tabs. You can also configure a special block for a menu and you can specify the default menu to which new items will be added.
Instructor: Various

Photographs on the Web: Image Optimization
How to size, format and crop a photo for the web so the image is not warped, the colors remain true and the dimensions of the file are right for hero images or small staff photos without slowing down your page's load time. Learn when to use a .jpg, .png or .gif.
Instructor: Gary Payne, URCM photographer

Introduction to Google Analytics
Taught by Lynda.com: the ins and outs of using Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website. You will cover the most essential out of the box functionality from account creation to reporting fundamentals. And how to glean insights from the vast array of data available. Along the way, the instructor will show you how to interpret each analytics report, touch on the foundations of goal tracking, and look closely at how to use dimensions and segments to go deeper in your reporting.

Beginner+ Level

Drupal 7 Basics
Knows how to log in, has administrative rights to a UNT website, understands the admin bar. Will learn how to upload images, make tables, link images to content.
Instructors: various 

Introduction to Views • Class Handout
Instructor: Cyrus Haskell, John Mayfield, Jonathan Piott

More Blocks and Views
Instructors: various

Moving Content from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7
Knows how to log in, copy and paste text, upload images, create new content types and upload photos. Must have administrative rights. 
Instructors: various 

Intermediate Level • After you have mastered the courses above

Adding a Nivo Slider in Drupal 7 • Class Handout
IMPORTANT: Students in this session need to ensure the Nivo Slider Module is installed on their Omega-themed Drupal 7 website prior to class. Before class: contact CWS to have the Nivo module installed.
Instructor: John Mayfield

Advanced Theming in Foundations, Part 1, 2 and 3
In development now.
Instructor: Gregory Altuna

Cooler Content with Views
Instructor: Michele Hindman

How to set up a Calendar in Drupal 7 •  Contact CWS to ensure the Calendar module is installed or ask to have it installed.
Instructor: John Mayfield
YouTube video about Drupal calendars.

Getting Started with your New Drupal 7 Site, Foundations Theme •  Class Handout
Instructor: Gregory Altuna

Setting up Web Forms in Drupal 7
Instructor: John Mayfield