Academic Research Software License Distribution

Service Description: Provide individual license information and access for supported academic research applications

Service Request: To request individual license information and access, click here or on the green button. 

Services Included: Support the distribution of academic software license information and access for the following:
EViews  |  JAWS  |  Lisrel  |  MAGic  |  Mathematica  |  Matlab  |  NVivo  |  SAS  |  SPSS  |  Stata

Services Not Included: Instruction or support on individual software solutions.

Service Response Time: Maximum of one business day for response to the original request.

Available to: Students, employees

Service Group: IT User Services   |   Service Team: Host Computing User Services   |   Manager: Jacob Flores

Contact Information: 940-369-8232,, Sage Hall, Room 338G

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