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Call to Create a UNT  R Users Group

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By Dr. Richard Herrington and Dr. Jon Starkweather, RSS Team 

R has noticeably gained visibility at UNT over the last few years. Recently I strolled through UNT’s campus bookstore and noticed a number of courses using R within their courses – this is a recent development;  Not too long ago, there was only a handful of people on campus using R regularly. For those who may have not heard of the R statistical system, Wikipedia’s R entry provides a nice overview of the history and specifics of the R system.

Given the increase popularity, we believe that it might be time to form an  R User’s group here on campus (RUG perhaps?). To our knowledge no such user group exists on campus; the closest one that we are aware of is on the University of Texas at Dallas campus. Other’s might exist in the surrounding area, but we have been unable to find these groups using the R User’s Group Meetup Search Tool

R UNT User Group Poll

To facilitate the the organization of this group, we  have created an online poll to: i)  query the interest in such a group, and ii) Collect contact information regarding a first meetup time. If you are interested in being part of such group, please provide us some contact information through this poll. If you are not sure, browse through our favorite R news feed aggregator R-Bloggers,to get a sense of what this user group could be about.

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