Benchmarks - September, 2013

Campus Computing News

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Wah...wah...wah...Where's the Software?!          

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Director - Academic Computing Technical Services

Summer of 2013 was an interesting one for the UNT Denton campus. As one of my colleagues put it, the place looks like a child with a box of Legos and severe ADHD had its way on the campus! Construction everywhere! And everything moved to far-flung campus corners (has anyone actually found Wells Fargo Bank yet I ask you?) and housed higgledy-piggledy (love that term!) all over the place.

Web Printing: Welcome to the * NEW * way of Printing at UNT

General Access Computer Labs

By Judy Hunter, Director of Front End Support, Helpdesk and Student Computing Center Willis Library, Willis 24hr General Access Computer Lab

The UNT General Access Lab System is very excited to announce the availability of "Web Printing" or "Print from Anywhere" services in a number of the Labs across campus. You can now use to upload and print document from personal devices to supported printers on campus!

Coming to a Classroom Near You ...

Panopto Logo

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Senior Director of Academic Computing and User Services and Deputy Chief Information Officer for University Information Technology

University Information Technology (UIT) and CLEAR are happy to announce the availability of an enterprise license for Panopto lecture capture. The Panopto recorder is now installed by default in all general classrooms and lab classrooms supported by Classroom Support Services.

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2013


By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

The 2013 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is coming next month. The conference website states, "The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference program is derived from member-driven content organized across six overarching IT domains and 18 subject themes. Participants can take part in person in Anaheim, California or virtually from anywhere. Attend as an individual, or gather a team together and make it a comprehensive experience."

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By the Numbers

Down the Corridor of Years


  • IBM 9672-R51 was installed as a shared academic and administrative system. The R51 was a new IBM CMOS technology mainframe rated at about 58 MIPS.  This provided a 60% increase in administrative capacity. 


  • Academic Solbourne Unix system was upgraded to SUN E-500 (Ultra Enterprise 5000) with one Gigabyte of memeory.  This was about a factor of four increase in processing capacity. 
  • The Academic Jove Unix system was upgraded to a Sun SPARCserver 100-E with four 85 Mhz processors and 512 megabytes of memory.  This about doubled its processing capacity. 
  • UNT joins the Trans-Texas Videoconference Network. 
  • ACS provides an e-mail client program, named Simeon, for access to student e-mail services.
  • UNT drafts an "Appropriate use Policy" for computing.
  • UNT changes its Internet connection from the UT System-supported THENet to a service provided by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR).
  • The BITNET network is decommissioned.
  • UNT creates the Distributed Computing Management Support Team (DCSMT) to coordinate the efforts of all central and distributed desktop computer support units on the UNT campus.

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